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The PonyApp Presents: Sparkle & Shine - Your Guide To Grooming Like A Pro

By The PonyApp

Got a dirty pony?! No worries! We asked PonyApp to share their tips and tricks to freshen up your grooming kit with the tools you need to take your pony to next level SHINE!

Curry Comb

Typically the first brush used when grooming your horse! Curry combs are made with either hard rubber or metal. They loosen up all the dirt and loose hair on your horse to make the rest of the grooming process easier and more thorough!


BONUS TIP: Curry your horse more often during the change of season between Winter and Spring to help lighten their coat! Also, the more you curry, the more your horse will shine!

Tough-1 Large Rubber Curry Comb

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Stiff Brush

Use this brush to get rid of the dirt and loose hair that was accumulated during the currying process. This brush is best used on the body and not the face!

Tough-1 Great Grip Brush

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Medium Brush

A medium brush can be used for the body or legs! Its texture and structure are a bit softer on the horse so it is optimal for horses who have a bit more sensitive legs!

Soft Brush

A soft brush is best used on the face! It’s soft bristols and texture will allow you to get into all the nooks and crannies of your horses face without it being too uncomfortable for them!

Tail Brush

As the name suggests, you use a tail brush on the tail! Remember to start at the bottom of your horse's tail and work your way up to avoid pulling any hair out.

Tough-1 Great Grip Mane & Tail Brush

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A comb is best used on the forelock and mane! It is also a great tool when braiding or plaiting as it can help you section out the mane and hold it in place!

BONUS TIP: When braiding or plaiting, you can tie a piece of string around a portion of the comb to help you measure out even chunks of hair!

Hoof Pick

Again, as the name suggests, use a Hoof Pick to clean out your horse's hooves to promote great foot health! Make sure to avoid your horse's frog to avoid any foot sensitivities.

Roma Brights Hoof Pick

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A towel is used as an excellent finishing tool while grooming your horse. You can use a towel anywhere on the horse's body and if there are any pesky stains you can combine the towel with your favorite stain removing product to give your horse that perfect finishing glow!