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Horse Grooming Supplies

Regular grooming with a complete set of grooming tools is essential for keeping your horse looking and feeling his best. Keep reading to learn more about promoting healthy skin and a shiny coat with grooming supplies every equestrian should have.

Frequently Asked Questions About Horse Grooming

What grooming supplies do you need to groom a horse?

A complete grooming kit is essential for keeping your horse happy and healthy. Vital supplies that belong in every grooming tote include detangler, horse shampoo, hair moisturizer, a rubber curry comb, hoof pick, face brush, tail brush, dandy brush, and body brush.

What is the best grooming kit for horses?

Corro offers the best grooming kits, horse care products, and grooming tools from top brands like Absorbine, Cowboy Magic, Farnam, Oster, Andis, Shapley, Mane 'n Tail, Vetrolin, Wahl, Showsheen, and Roma.

How do you groom a horse?

Horse owners can use grooming products like horse hair brushes, coat conditioner, clippers, horse hoof care oil, tail conditioner, spot remover, tail detangler, and a little elbow grease to remove dirt and loose hair from their horse's coat to promote a healthy bodyshine.

Should horses be groomed daily?

Daily grooming can be beneficial for horse health care to promote circulation and the production of natural oils. However, daily baths can dry your horse's skin.

What is a dandy brush?

A dandy brush is a grooming brush with stiff bristles used to flick dirt off the horse.

What is a mane comb?

A mane comb is a grooming tool used for detangling the horse's mane. This tool is also helpful for braiding at shows. Be sure not to use hair polish in the mane when braiding as these products can make the hair slippery.

What does a horse need to look its best?

While good grooming practices are essential to keep your horse's coat clean and shiny, your horse cannot look his best without proper nutrition. Consider adding a skin and coat supplement to your horse's feed to promote a shiny, dappled appearance.

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