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Horse Supplements

Horse Supplements and Joint Supplements

Our horse's health and wellness come from exercise, grooming, and most importantly, diet! Your horse needs a balanced diet, a diet that typically doesn't come from hay and forage alone. While fresh pasture can be best, many of the vitamins and minerals disappear as hay ages. Horse supplements fill those gaps.

Deciding what horse supplements to use

When deciding what equine supplements are right for your horse, start with your veterinarian's help. Like selenium and vitamin E, many supplements must be dosed appropriately to be safe and vary from the location due to the soil's minerals.

Narrowing down what your horse needs is the best place to start. Do calories need to be added? Specific medical problems, like arthritis, can be addressed with the help of horse supplements. You can use dietary supplements to support your horse's skin, hooves, overall health, and digestion.

Your horse can be your backyard companion or a high-performance horse; they all need a supplement for horses of some kind!

Ingredients for overall health and wellness

Does your horse need more calories? Provide them with feeds like rice bran or beet pulp. These are safer and more affordable options than sugar-rich grains. They are also convenient to feed and can be a way to add more water to your horse's diet.

Equine supplements also support the day to day needs of your horse. Electrolytes provide the calcium, magnesium, and salts to replace those lost by sweat. Hydration levels may improve after electrolytes are given. Proper hydration is challenging in winter. Providing these minerals replaces a salt block, which many horses will not use regularly or adequately.

Daily mineral supplements balance the missing pieces from a hay-only diet. Many supplements offer digestive help by providing antioxidants and probiotics. These serve to support the digestive acids and enzymes that help your horse digest meals in the hindgut. 

Horses without shine might need some additional omega 3 fatty acids and flaxseed. Using these fats are a bonus for your horse's well-being as they provide some calories and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Hoof supplements and joint supplements

For horses with challenging jobs and existing arthritis, your vet and farrier can help you develop a plan. 

Hoof supplements target your horse's feet, but many ingredients like biotin and msm also help skin and coat. The ingredients are designed to strengthen the hoof wall from the inside out. 

Joint supplements aid the arthritic horse feel better and can provide preventative joint support for your horse. These dietary aids support the collagen and joint health of horses. Glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, and amino acids are proven ingredients. Hyaluronic acid and methionine are similarly effective. 

ASU is a newer ingredient on the market. Cosequin is a joint health supplement leader, and this avocado and soybean-derived product supports the joints. 

Supplements are also designed to be tasty, so there is little risk of your horse snubbing his meal!