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Leather Care

Tack Cleaning and Leather Care Supplies

Leather care supplies and a tack cleaning kit are essential items in an equestrian tack room. Caring for your saddlery and leather tack with appropriate products will help protect your investment and keep you safe while you ride. Keep reading to learn more about the best leather cleaners and leather conditioners for leather halters, bridles, saddles, girths, stirrup leathers, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cleaning Horse Tack

How do you clean and condition leather tack?

A good tack cleaning kit should include glycerin saddle soap, leather cleaner, leather balsam, leather cream, deep conditioner, and tack oil cleaning products. However, simply wiping off tack after every ride is vital for ensuring that sweat, dirt, and hair don't damage the leather.

How do you care for your horse tack?

Wipe off leather tack with a towel dampened in warm water after every ride. Cleaning with saddle soap or leather cleaner will remove all grime and prepare the leather for conditioning. After using a leather cleaner, applying a leather conditioner with a tack sponge applicator can help keep leather soft and supple. Leather balsam is a type of conditioner used to restore leather. If you also use a leather girth, don't forget to also clean it after every ride.

How often should bridles and saddles be oiled?

Leather oil like Neatsfoot Oil can help keep bridles in optimal condition, but you don't need to oil your bridles as often as you clean them. Different leather saddle and bridle manufacturers may advise against using certain oils on their products, so always check the brand instructions for leather care before using a tack cleaner product.

What is the best leather conditioner for bridles?

Effax Lederbalsam is a popular leather conditioner for bridles and other leather goods. But some horse owners prefer one-step leather care products from Effax like the Leather Cream Soap to simplify their tack care routine.

What is the best saddle soap for saddles?

Stubben Glycerin Saddle Soap is an effective tack cleaner for safely cleaning tack after every ride. Other popular products include Fiebing's Saddle Soap, Lexol Leather Tack Cleaner, Farnam Leather New Spray, Passier Saddle Soap, and Absorbine Horseman's One Step Leather Cleaner and Conditioner.