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Stirrups & Leathers

Stirrup Irons & Saddle Stirrups

Corro offers a wide range of English stirrups and Western stirrups, for dressage riders, barrel racers, ropers, jumpers and more.

Stirrup Types

Many stirrups are made of stainless steel, while wooden stirrups are also popular. Angled aluminum stirrups or barrel stirrups are popular because they provide a level surface and a swivel top that sits parallel to the ground for your feet to rest. Bell stirrups feature a rounded bottom and are used for riding bucking horses, breaking young horses, cutting and barrel racing. Safety Stirrups allow your foot to be freed in an emergency. A Fillis Stirrup is a type of safety stirrup that prevents a rider's foot from being caught during a fall - the most popular are peacock stirrups. Trail stirrups are normally used for recreational riding. 

Popular Brands include: Hermes Springer, Royal King, Korsteel, and Tough-1.

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