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Corro Stories

Corro Stories - Thu Jul 15 2021
Common Horse Skin Conditions
Caring for your horses' skin is a year-round deal, but summertime can bring with it some unwanted skin conditions. Liv Gude breaks down these common conditions that may be plaguing your barn and her favorite products to provide the relief your horse may need.
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Corro Stories - Wed Jul 14 2021
Mane and Tail Grooming and Care
Healthy, shiny, thick, long mane and tails are what every horse owner strives for, and you’re not alone if you struggle with attaining this end-product. There are many factors that go into a healthy mane and tail for your horse. We asked Live Gude to put together her guide on mane and tail grooming and care.
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Corro Stories - Tue Jun 01 2021
Meet The Compton Cowboys & How They're Supporting Their Community Through Horseback Riding
Corro has partnered with NOËLLE FLOYD to share the stories of the founding members of the Compton Cowboys. Together, this collective group of lifelong friends are on a mission to support inner-city youth and their community through horseback riding, and to combat negative stereotypes about African-Americans in the Los Angeles-area city of Compton. Watch videos that highlight their inspiring stories, as well as find out how you can support this wonderful organization by donating horse care essentials to support their operations.
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Corro Stories - Sun May 02 2021
Corro 101: The Ins, Outs, and All Arounds of Barrel Racing
If you’re a part of the rodeo world, you’re probably already familiar with the sport of barrel racing. If not, just imagine both horse and rider traveling at full speed around three standing barrels competing for the fastest time. Learn more about this exciting sport in our latest edition of Corro 101.
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Corro Stories - Sat Apr 17 2021
Horse Joint Health — Caring For Your Horse's Joints
Your horse's joints are key to their overall health. But, do you know exactly what they do and how to care for them? We created the ultimate guide for understanding and caring for your horse's joints.
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Corro Stories - Mon Mar 29 2021
Lower the Risk of Horse Colic With These Easy Steps
Colic can strike at any time, but with spring comes a change in weather, fresh luscious grass, and stress due to change in fitness routine—all which can lead to colic. Here are some easy steps to transition into spring and lower your horse's risk of colic.
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Corro Stories - Thu Mar 25 2021
From the Gridiron to the Barn – Brian Westbrook Found A Love for Horses in Between NFL Seasons
Brian Westbrook may be best known for his incredible career in the NFL as one of the best running backs of all time, but what you may not realize is that Westbrook has also spent the last fifteen years as a proud horse farm owner, where he rides, breeds quarter horses, and runs a foundation for underserved youth to learn vocational skills through working with horses. Learn more about how horses and the farm changed his career path and have created a haven for Westbrook and his family.
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Corro Stories - Tue Mar 16 2021
How The Budget Equestrian Prepares For Summer With Her Horses
Spring is near and if you're anything like us, we can't wait to welcome it with open arms. If you're looking to spend as much time as possible in the saddle or just hanging around horses, now is the best time to prepare and set you and your horses up for success. We asked the Budget Equestrian to share her tips to prep for spring and be organized for the warmer days ahead.
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Corro Stories - Sun Mar 07 2021
Get A Jump On Fly Season — Protect Your Horse From Pesky Flies
The weather is starting for warm up (FINALLY!) and with warmer weather also comes the pesky flies. Now is actually the perfect time to set a plan to help control the flies for the entire summer, which can lead to a much more enjoyable summer for us and a happier, healthier horse. Here are a few ways you can plan ahead.
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Corro Stories - Thu Feb 25 2021
The Ultimate Guide To Measuring Your Horse For Blankets, Sheets, And Coolers
There will be a time when you have to buy your horse a new blanket, sheet, flysheet, and/or cooler. Shopping for these items for your horse shouldn't be so difficult. That's why Corro created this guide to help you measure your horse in order to find the right size. We call that #CorroConfidence!
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Corro Stories - Mon Feb 22 2021
How to Support Your Horse’s Gut Health
It's true when they say a happy gut makes a happy horse. However, a horse's digestive system can be so delicate. Sometimes the simplest things such as a change in weather, routine, feed, and more can cause digestive issues. Learn more about their digestive system and simple tips to optimize your horse's gut health.
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Corro Stories - Thu Feb 18 2021
Caring for Your Horse in Unexpected Weather
This winter is unlike any winter we've seen before. If you are experiencing the extreme winter storms, freezing temperatures, and/or power outages, especially in states where this type of weather is rare, we've put together some tips to help you keep your horse(s) safe and warm during this trying time.
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Corro Stories - Fri Feb 05 2021
Corro's Ultimate Guide To Horse Blankets, Sheets, & Coolers—Your Questions Answered
Searching for a blanket, sheet, or cooler? With so many options, it can be overwhelming to find the right one for your horse's specific needs...until now. We created the ultimate guide to help you find the right type of blanket(s) for your horse, how to properly care for them so they last longer, as well as how to blanket your horse appropriately based on the temperature and hair length.
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Corro Stories - Mon Jan 25 2021
Caring for Your Horse's Hooves During Winter
Caring for your horse’s hooves is essential all year-round. After all, healthy hooves are key to overall horse health. However, the winter can present some specific challenges to caring for your horse’s feet. Whether it's because of a change in diet, changing pasture conditions, or frozen/harder ground conditions, learn how to help your horse's hooves stay healthy during the cold winter season.
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Corro Stories - Fri Jan 15 2021
Meet Your Horse’s New Favorite Horse Treat – Kelcie’s Horse Treats Are Bringing Both Insights & New Ingredients To The Horse Cookie Game
When we first heard that Kelcie's Horse Treats were being devoured by even the fussiest of horses, we had to investigate and ultimately add these delicious treats to our assortment on Corro. Started by Kevin Nairne and Mary Elizabeth Kent, who is the sister and barn manager for U.S. Olympic Gold Medalist Laura Kraut, Kelcie’s Horse Treats are stealing the hearts of both horses and dogs alike. We recently spoke with Nairne to learn how these unique cookies came to be and learn why they’re a growing favorite.
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Corro Stories - Fri Jan 08 2021
Getting Back into the Show Ring with International Showjumping Head Groom Dan Ingratta
For many equestrians, getting back to competing is a top priority. Corro asked how International Showjumping Groom Dan Ingratta is getting organized and prepared for the 2021 show season after having been forced to take a break due to COVID-19. Discover Dan's tips for getting ready for the new show year.
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