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Corro Stories

Corro Stories - Thu Nov 18 2021
Using Gymnastics To Prepare For The Show Ring With US Showjumper Quentin Judge
Quentin Judge is a professional rider based in Ridgefield, Connecticut and Wellington, Florida at the world-class Double H Farm. To get an inside look at what makes the international competitor's training program so successful, we sat down with Quentin to find out how he uses gymnastics to prepare for the show ring. Check out the video and keep reading to learn more.
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Corro Stories - Wed Nov 10 2021
Signs of Cushing's Disease in Horses and Best Treatments
Horse lovers are likely familiar with Cushing's disease, the condition in which a horse's pituitary gland releases too many hormones. These hormonal changes start a chain reaction throughout the body, contributing to insulin problems, laminitis, and excessive hair growth. Learn more about the symptoms of Equine Cushing's and treatments for this disease.
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Corro Stories - Wed Nov 03 2021
Cavaletti Training For Horses With Max Amaya
Max Amaya is an accomplished trainer skilled at helping horses and riders reach their maximum potential in the showjumping arena. We visited Max to get an insight into his training program and how he uses cavaletti exercises to prepare for competition. Watch the video and keep reading to learn more.
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Corro Stories - Mon Oct 18 2021
Costume Inspiration From The Winners Of The 2020 Corro Halloween Costume Contest
Looking for some horsey costume ideas and inspiration for spooky season this year? Check out our favorite entries from last year's Halloween Costume Contest.
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Corro Stories - Wed Oct 13 2021
Essential Fall Horse Products: The Ultimate Horse Care Checklist For Changing Seasons
The leaves are turning colors, the days are getting shorter, and the seasons are rapidly changing. Fall is here, but with the new season comes new challenges for horse owners. So we put together a list of our favorite products to keep your horse happy and healthy this fall. Keep reading to learn more about our top picks for seasonal blankets, dewormers, grooming products, and supplements.
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Corro Stories - Tue Sep 28 2021
Identifying and Caring for Fall Laminitis
Fall brings out the spice in our lattes, our horses, and the pasture grasses. We know that spring brings fast-growing fresh grass filled with starches and sugars, increasing the risk of colic and laminitis in some horses. However, those risks also increase with cooler weather and can be more dangerous in the fall. But don't panic - there are lots of preventative measures you can take for your horse.
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Corro Stories - Wed Sep 15 2021
On The Road: Caring For Your Horse Away From Home
Just like humans, horses can have difficulty adjusting to a new environment. Whether you're traveling to attend an away show, a clinic, or season in a different climate, a foreign environment can be a scary experience for your horse. It's essential to know how to help your horse adjust so you can avoid any unnecessary stress.
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Corro Stories - Tue Sep 14 2021
The Power of Positive Reinforcement in Horse Training: How Patricia Lincourt Uses Clickers to Train Horses
Specializing in science-based training techniques like positive reinforcement, Patricia Lincourt is passionate about helping riders of all levels develop strong partnerships with their horses. We had the chance to chat with Lincourt about her top tips and techniques that have earned her undeniable success using positive reinforcement as a powerful training tool.
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Corro Stories - Thu Sep 09 2021
What You Need To Know Before You Go: A Guide To Shipping Your Horse
Shipping can be extraordinarily stressful for both horses and humans, but it doesn't need to be. Owners can set their equine partners up for success long before departing home by establishing a well-organized plan ahead of time. Keep reading our ultimate guide to shipping your horse to learn how to spend less time stressing about the trip and more time enjoying the journey.
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Corro Stories - Wed Sep 08 2021
How U.S. Showjumper Hannah Selleck Uses The Pessoa Lunging System To Improve Her Horses’ Fitness & Communication Out of the Saddle
The Pessoa Lunging System is a valuable tool for promoting better balance and topline development in horses. In our latest video, Corro Team Rider and U.S. Showjumper Hannah Selleck discusses how she uses this training aid with her horses to help them learn how to carry themselves. Check out the video and keep reading to learn how to lunge your horse in a Pessoa rig and find out more about Hannah.
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Corro Stories - Fri Sep 03 2021
Dissecting Fear with Annette Paterakis
We’ve all felt it, whether we like to admit it or not. Experiencing fear may not feel pleasant, but it’s a part of being human as well as being an equestrian athlete. Annette Paterakis, also known as the Equestrian Mental Coach, is well-versed in helping riders grow, learn, and invest in themselves to achieve optimal success. We recently spoke with Annette to better understand fear in horseback riding and learn how to move past the emotion to become a more confident equestrian.
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Corro Stories - Wed Sep 01 2021
Horse Wormer Guide: The Ultimate Guide To Equine Internal Parasites and Deworming Your Horse
Internal parasites are tiny worms that can cause big problems in horses. Working with your veterinarian to develop a strategic deworming plan is vital for your horse's health and the health of future generations of equines. Keep reading to learn more about common types of worms in horses, methods for assessing your horse's parasite load, and how to choose the best horse wormer for your horse.
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Corro Stories - Wed Aug 25 2021
Heat and Ice Therapies for Horses
When it comes to your horse's comfort, making sure their muscles, joints, and soft tissues stay healthy is a top priority, and therapeutic treatments can help. Both heat therapy and ice therapy are common and effective treatments, but do you know which to use and when? We explore the benefits of both and provide an easy guide of how to use each treatment to better support your horse's wellbeing.
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Corro Stories - Thu Aug 19 2021
Polo 101: Everything You Need To Know About One Of The Oldest Team Sports
While the sport is often associated with fancy attire and finger food, polo is more than just a seasonal social event. Here’s everything you need to know before the match to appreciate the skill, coordination, and teamwork of horses and riders that make polo so exhilarating.
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Corro Stories - Thu Aug 12 2021
From Everyday Life to the Paralympics: Beatrice de Lavalette Conquers All
With the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic games approaching, it seems like an appropriate time to reflect on what truly makes an athlete, an athlete. Is it their strength? Fitness level? Stamina? Consistency? While all of these factors are of consideration, there is one athlete in particular who puts all Olympic athlete qualifications into perspective.
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Corro Stories - Thu Aug 12 2021
Corro’s Top 10 Calming Supplements
Equine calming supplements can help promote quiet behavior in spooky or anxious horses that have difficulty adjusting to change or stressful situations. It’s essential to understand which calming supplement is the best fit for you, your horse, and your goals. So we put together a list of our Top 10 calming supplements to help you and your horse worry less. Keep reading to learn more about the best equine calming supplements and how your horse can benefit from calming support.
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