Get paid for telling others about your favorite products on Corro. Become a Corro affiliate where we reward you for helping get the word out about us!

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When you're whole life centers around caring for horses, you know what works and, well, what doesn't. Your opinion on what you use on your horses is critical to helping our industry grow and evolve. 

At Corro, we pride ourselves on creating a curated selection of tried and trusted products and brands. Not only do we care what your favorites are, we'd like to reward you for sharing your go-to products AND letting people know they can find them on Corro. As a token of our appreciation for your support, we will share the profits of the sales you help us generate. 



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  • Join a community of horse care experts who are trainers, riders, grooms, farriers, vets, and more. 


  • Share thousands of products with your audience/community with easy,  customizable links. 


  • Earn up to 8% in  commissions from qualifying purchases.


How does the Corro Affiliate Program work?

You can share products available on Corro with your friends, colleagues, and social meida/blog audiences through customized linking tools. When someone uses one of your links to shop on Corro and makes a purchase within 30 days of using your link(s), you will earn money 5-8% of the revenue from that sale. 

How do I qualify for this program?

This program is currently open to FEI and top competition/sports horse grooms, trainers, farriers, vets, and other horse care takers who are constantly putting products to the test to offer top-quality horse care. 

Additionally, we allow bloggers, media companies, and social media influencers to participate. We are open to partnering with various partners in the horse community. We do reserve the right to refuse any site that does not meet our quality and content standards.

You may apply to become a partner here. We review applications regularly. Once accepted, you have the ability to review and agree to our terms and conditions.

How do I earn in this program?

We work with a third-party platform to facilitate our tracking, reporting, and payment. This platform allows you to create custom links to share with friends, customers, clients, your community, and more. When someone uses your affiliate link and makes a purchase, the platform records that order, and will grant you commissions on all sales that occur within your cookie window.

We currently offer payouts through Paypal, however, stay tuned as we hope to add more payout platforms in the near future. Our affiliate platform will transfer commissions monthly or when you hit a specific threshold. It's that easy! 

You are responsible for any taxes associated with commission fees.

How do I sign up to the program?

Sign up to the program here. We will review your application and approve it if you meet the qualifying criteria.