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Bell Boots

Horse Bell Boots

Bell boots provide essential leg protection for horses who interfere, heel strike, or pull shoes. These boots cover the back of the shoe and sensitive heel bulb area to limit overreach injuries and reduce farrier calls for tack-ons. Keep reading to learn more about finding the best bell boot for your horse.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bell Boots

What are bell boots used for?

Bell boots protect sensitive areas of the horse's feet from interference while the horse is working or in turnout. These horse boots also help prevent pulled shoes in shod horses.

What is the difference between bell boots and overreach boots?

Over reach boots and bell boots are often used interchangeably to describe horse boots used to protect the horse's feet from overreach injuries caused by hind feet striking the heel bulbs or clipping the shoes of the front feet.

Are bell boots sold in pairs?

Bell boots are sold in pairs. Most horses only need one pair of bell boots for their front feet, but horses who interfere behind may need an additional pair for their hind feet. If your horse often pulls shoes in turnout, double bell boots may provide extra protection.

Do bell boots go over the horse's hooves?

Some heavy-duty rubber bell boots used for extended periods have a pull-on design that goes over the horse's hooves. These bell boots often stay on longer, but bell boots with velcro closures are easier to put on and take off the horse.

What size bell boots are the most common?

Bell boots usually come in small, medium, large, and x-large sizes. Large bell boots are the most common size for an average 16 hand horse, but some brands may run larger or smaller. Proper fit is essential to ensure that bell boots provide adequate coverage without tripping the horse.

What are the best bell boots for horses?

Popular types of bell boots include Back on Track Bell Boots, Arma Neoprene Bell Boots, Professional's Choice No-turn Bell Boots, Eskadron Fleece Bell Boots, Classic Equine Bell Boots, Davis Bell Boots, Equifit Dressage Bell Boots, Woof Wear Ballistic Bell Boots, and LeMieux Sheepskin Bell Boots.