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Tack & Equipment

If you're shopping for horse tack, Corro has you covered. Whether you ride Dressage, English, Western, or just for fun we have something to fit every equestrian's needs!

Our product assortment contains popular equine brands such as Professional's Choice, Weatherbeeta and Farnam providing high-quality girths, cinches, fly sprays, totes, breastplates and horse boots to our customers.

English Tack

Corro Shop sources English Tack from manufacturers all around the world. We have put together an extensive collection of items that range from bell boots, halters and stirrups to English bridles and breastcollars. Popular english bits include snaffles, hackamores and pelhams. There are two options for martingales in English disciplines. The first is a standing martingale which is used to prevent a horse from raising its head significantly. The other popular option is a running martingale which prevents the horse from raising its head above a certain point as it applies additional pressure to the reins and the mouth. A standing martingale is attached to the noseband and a running martingale is attached to the reins. 

English saddle pads and English girths are Corro best-sellers.

Western Tack

Western tack is a bit different than English tack for a few main reasons. Western saddles are larger than English saddles and have a horn attached to the front. When riding western the stirrups are larger and the stirrup leathers are usually set longer than in English riding. Western bridles do not have nosebands and the western reins are split, with one rein in each hand independent of each other. A riding helmet is often replaced with a cowboy hat for many western disciplines. Corro also carries a wide range of western saddle pads and western stirrups.

General Equipment

There are many popular items that are not dependent on what discipline you ride. Whether you're a seasoned vet or just got into horseback riding you may find yourself needing lead ropes, fly sheets, horse blankets, bareback pads,spur straps, nylon halters, cribbing halters and leather conditioner.

If your horse needs to be lunged before riding or a show there are some general pieces of lunging equipment that may help you out. A surcingle is a lunging guidance tool used in various disciplines.

If you enjoy trail riding with your horse, a saddle bag may be a good addition to your tack room. Think of this as a mini tack trunk where you can carry anything from extra tack, snacks, first aid supplies, to grooming supplies and hoof boots.

Corro also carries a wide range of turnout blankets, stable blankets, training equipment and stable supplies for horse owners.

Make Corro Your One-Stop Saddlery

Corro is proud to offer a large inventory of equestrian supplies and horse tack. We have everything you need from clippers and muzzles, to show halters and western bits.

Whether you're looking for stable supplies, hoof care, snaffle bits, headstalls, or saddle pads, we have exactly what you need.

Check out everything we have to offer for your horse care, and horse supplies needs!