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Girths & Cinches

Girths and Cinches for Horses

Girths and cinches are essential pieces of saddlery for riders from all disciplines. This tack item secures the saddle in place, attaches to breast collars, and is vital for a safe ride. Horse owners can choose from various styles and sizes of girths to find the best fit for their horse.

Top girth brands include Professional's Choice, Classic Equine, Latigo, SMX, Weaver Leather, Circle Y, Reinsman, and Toklat. Keep reading for the answers to top questions about horse girths and checkout Corro for girths, headstalls, bridles, stirrups, supplements, halters, hoof care, horse blankets, spur straps, clippers, leg wraps, and other horse care essentials.

Frequently Asked Questions About Horse Girths

What is a cinch horse?

A cinch is a western girth used with a roping or western saddle around the horse's belly to keep the saddle from slipping while riding.

What is the difference between a cinch and a girth?

A girth and a cinch do the same job, but a western cinch is typically used with western tack, while an english horse girth secures an english saddle.

What is the most comfortable cinch for a horse?

Girths and cinches are available in various styles to suit the preferences of different horses. Different types of girths include neoprene cinches, mohair roper cinches, contoured girths, straight cinches, back cinches, flank cinches, fleece cinches, shoulder relief girths, pony cinches, smart cinches, dressage girths, tie-down cinches, and Ventech girths.

Ensuring that you buy the correct girth size to fit your horse is vital no matter the style. However, many sensitive horses may find sheepskin or fleece girths and liners most comfortable.

Where should a cinch sit on a horse?

A cinch should sit in the girth groove of the horse to hold the horse saddle in the optimal position without interfering with the front legs and shoulder movement. Ensure that your horse's girth is the correct size by confirming that the off billet buckles are above the elbow.

What are the benefits of using a girth?

A properly fitted and tightened girth will keep your saddle and saddle pad safe and secure while riding.

What is the purpose of a cinch?

Saddle cinches connect to the saddle with a cinch strap, connector strap, or tie strap to prevent the saddle from slipping while the western horse is moving.

What is a girth useful for?

An equestrian girth serves the same purpose as a horse cinch to secure your saddlery while riding.

What is the best way to put on a cinch?

Gradually adjust the tightness of a girth or cinch when tacking up your horse to ensure that it is tight enough to secure the saddle without harming the horse.