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Bridles, Headstalls, & Reins

How to Choose the Right Bridle

We use bridles to ensure a direct connection with our horses while we ride. The bridle is perhaps one of the most important pieces of equipment you will use to ride your horse, so it's important to make sure you find the best one for you.


One of the first things to consider when purchasing a new horse bridle is the discipline you intend to use.

The bridle you would purchase for barrel racing will likely differ from the bridle you would purchase for dressage. While the basic principle is similar, the style and fit of the bridle vary between English bridles and Western bridles.

Snaffle bridles are typically widely used in the English discipline, while halter bridles are popular amongst Western riders.

Parts of a Bridle

Below are the parts of a bridle:

  • Headpiece (Headstall): Holds the bridle securely in place on the horse's head
  • Bit: Goes inside the horse's mouth and allows the rider to have connection and control over the horse's movements
  • Reins: Allows the rider to have a direct connection to the bit
  • Throatlatch: Prevents the bridle from slipping off
  • Cheekpiece: Connects the bit to the headpiece
  • Noseband: Goes around the horse's muzzle, can be used to attach accessories such as martingales. Most Western bridles do not have a noseband.
  • Browband: Prevents the bridle from slipping behind the poll

Personalized Fit and Style

The type of bridle that you choose for your horse will also depend upon the horse itself. Some horses require more pressure and guidance, while others pick up on the slightest touch and command. Some horses work well with a bitless bridle, while others require a bit that provides the rider with more control.

Knowing the amount of contact you will need to make with your horse's head, and your horse's mouth is an important part of choosing a new bridle.

It is also important to keep your horse's size and breed in mind, as well; a bridle designed for a smaller horse such as an Arabian will differ from a bridle designed for a draft horse, such as a Cob or Shire.

Following the tips and information, you have learned here, choosing a new bridle for your horse should be easy.

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