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Sydney Collier started riding at seven years old and instantly fell in love. After being diagnosed with Wyburn-Mason Syndrome and enduring eight years of experimental treatments, she suffered a stroke during a risky brain surgery in 2009 that put her in a rehabilitation center. Despite that, she was determined to get out of her wheelchair and back to the sport of riding.


Just one year after her stroke, Sydney attended the World Equestrian Games as a spectator where she met one of the first Para-Equestrians, Jonathan Wentz who became one of her mentors in her return to the sport.At age 16, Sydney earned a spot on the US Para Dressage team and was the youngest competitor at the 2014 World Equestrian Games in France. At age 18, Sydney won the 2016 US Para Dressage National Championships and became the youngest member in the equestrian portion of the 2016 Paralympics in Rio as a part of Team USA, where she placed 7th overall in the highly competitive Para Dressage Grade 1B. In 2021, Sydney earned the first traveling reserve spot on the team for the Tokyo Paralympic Games with Georgina Bloomberg's "All in One."


Sydney has dedicated her life to service and maintains a busy schedule combining athletics, equestrian training, guest speaking, volunteering, babysitting, and giving riding demonstrations at various events. She also attends Keller graduate school of Management on a Paralympic Scholarship, working to earn her MBA with a specialization in Marketing. She is also working on writing a book as we speak. Alongside these activities, Sydney continues training to earn a place on the 2024 Paris Para-Dressage Team and to help the USA stand on the medal podium.





Photo by Lindsay Berreth.

Sydney’s horse care philosophy

My philosophy of horse care and training is that 

as much time as possible should be spent with your horse on the ground. When it comes to training the effort you put in will come back to you and then some. Listening to your horse and being their partner in everything you do is the key to true success.





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"I was a horse fanatic with the desire to succeed!"


Photo by Sue Weakly

Photo by Israel Mondragon




How can people keep in touch with you?

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