Josh Tishman




Josh Tishman is a National Reining Horse Association Professional horse trainer. He and his family live and work out of their ranch in Weatherford, TX. With the precision and athleticism reining requires, choosing the best products from tack to grooming is essential to make sure our horses look and feel their best in the show pen. For this reason, Tishman Performance Horses choose CORRO! Their product variety, quality, and customer service are unbeatable!





Josh's Horse Care Philosophy

If you take care of the horses, they will take care of you. Proper training is key. We expect a lot out of our equine athletes. They deserve the best care we can give them




Josh’s Favorite Corro Products





Where are you based out of?

Weatherford, Texas




Do you have any horse care pet peeves?

An unorganized tack room.




How can people keep in touch with you?

FACEBOOK: Tishman Performance Horses INSTAGRAM: tishman_performance_horses TIKTOK: joshtishman_nrha_pro #TeamTPH