How John Madden's Practices Changed The Way I Run My Barn and Manage My Life

Most of us can recall a trainer who had an impact on our future – the person who changed our life’s trajectory or influenced how horses are a part of our life. Throughout the years there have been a handful of people who have made a sizable impact on how I run my barn, teach my students, work on the computer, and even raise my daughter. When it comes to horsemanship, however, no one’s words have resonated with me more than those of John Madden’s. For nearly two years while working on a project at John Madden Sales, I soaked up the specifics of training horses and riders, setting jumps and distances, barn management, and organization. Techniques and systems from the experience infiltrated my business, and I carry with me to this day ‘umbrella ideas’ that became integrated into my day-to-day life.