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PonyApp Presents: 3 Flat Exercises To Get You Ready For The 2020 Show Season


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Listen up, PonyPeople! 2020 is HERE and with it brings a new show season!! So, as we all gear up for an exciting year ahead, we spoke with Kate Leggat, of Kate Leggat Equestrian, for her Top 3 Flat Exercises to get your horse ready for action!


You can really feel your horses straightness when you are riding the four straight lines. This exercise will really help you with your turns as the four points of the diamond force you to use accurate outside aids in order to make the square turn.

“A straight horse is a fast horse and fast is everything in Show Jumping.”


Horses always have a weaker side, so the shoulder-in is a strengthening exercise for that side. Whereas the haunches- in is a suppling exercise for the stronger side!”


This exercise helps strengthen your horse's core and gets them working through their top line all while improving the gate. Additionally, working over the poles in a curved line or circle improves your horse’s bend flexibility through their rib cage!

BONUS: “A horse’s responsiveness to your aids is key in the show ring, so practice transitions daily, even during the exercises listed above to always keep your horse on point!”

Check out Kate’s amazing mare, CeCe, who definitely shows off her well-schooled flatwork in the show ring!

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