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Cashel Tush Cushion



Ride even longer with the Cashel Tush Cushion! This saddle cushion makes hours in the saddle more comfortable, and it won't interfere with balance or seat position. This cushion provides relief where you need it most!

Key Benefits

  • Closed-Cell Foam: Cushion is made from closed-cell foam, which won't collapse like open-cell foam. 1/2" thick.
  • Cushion keeps shape while you ride: Cushion will not compact or bunch up like fleece seat savers, nor will it absorb and hold heat like a gel pad.
  • Adjustable: Nylon straps hold Tush Cushion firmly in place, preventing sliding and shifting.
  • Long Western: Long Western-style saddle cushion provides additional padding up the cantle for those who sit back in the saddle or who had tailbone injuries that require extra cushioning. Protects the sciatic area, tailbone, and hips. Measures 13"W x 15"L. Can be used on no horn saddles.
  • English Style: English style designed to fit most English saddles. Measures 12"W x 11.5"L.

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