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Cavallo English Wedge Pad

Cavallo, Inc.


The Cavallo English Wedge Saddle Pad absorbs concussion, reduces impact, and lifts the weight off the spine and rib cage. All this with gradual rise toward the back. Favored by Jumpers and those who wish to move forward with the horse. Firm poly fiber sheets have been inserted alongside the protective memory foam inserts“ these poly fiber sheets create internal stability, which serves to further equalize the load in high-performance sports. These panels produce an inner equilibrium that, even in very active rider movement or saddle stress situations, will allow for more complete utilization of the horse's scapula. This saddle pad offers a great fit between horse and rider. When using this pad, take care not to tilt the saddle too far back on the loins.

Key Benefits

  • The Ultimate in Saddle Pads: Four Density Solution with the Performance Enhancement (PE) Panel benefit both horse and rider.
  • Shock Absorbent: Saddle pad also promotes blood circulation through the slow release memory of open-cell foam which creates a gentle massaging action on your horse's muscle structure.
  • Patented Nitrex Closed-Cell Foam: Non-PVC foam has low resilience and low penetration value, resulting in excellent shock absorption, insulation, cushioning, and rebound (G-value energy return).
  • Construction: Reversible and stylish pad features New Zealand wool on one side and closed cell shock absorbing foam on the other.
  • Maintains Shape: High directional stability allows pad to maintain shape. In addition, the pad is resilient, durable, wicks away moisture, and breathable and insulating.
  • Designed for Comfort: Saddle pad contracts at pressure points, fills gaps, enhances the saddle gullet (protecting the spine), and features a cutback that allows wither relief.
  • Size: Length: Length: 23³ (58 cm) Width: 22

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