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Hawthorne Products Sole Pack Medicated Hoof Packing Paste

Hawthorne Products, Inc.


Keep hooves healthy over time with Hawthorne Products Sole Pack Medicated Hoof Packing Paste. This paste helps maintain hoof pliability while repairing cracks and other damage. It also aids in the prevention and treatment of thrush, white line disease, and other hoof-related infections.

Key Benefits

  • Complete hoof care: Gets deep down into the hoof to promote pliability and moisture retention and relief dry, hard, and sore hooves.
  • Fights disease: Combats bacterial and fungal infections and treats white line disease and thrush.
  • Soothing natural ingredients: Fast-acting, quick-penetrating yet gentle formula brings hooves back to a natural state.
  • Active Ingredients:
    Pine Tar 38.12%
    Potassium lodide 1.3%
    lodine 1.82%

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