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Redmond Equine

Redmond Rock

Product id: 3826365530157
Redmond Equine

Redmond Rock

Product id: 3826365530157
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Ensure your horse has a healthy mineral balance with Redmond Rock. This free-choice horse supplement is made from natural sea salt, containing trace minerals that are crucial for a healthy, balanced lifestyle. 


  • Restore mineral balance: Maintain healthy electrolyte levels to keep your horse hydrated.
  • Free-choice horse supplement: Ensure your horse has access any time it needs electrolytes.
  • Long-lasting rocks: Designed to last up to three months.
  • Weather-resistant: The rock will not break down in rain or snow.
  • Safe for horses and sheep: This safe combination of minerals will keep horses and sheep hydrated.
  • Made in the USA: Made from minerals derived from sea salt in Southern Utah.

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