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Cavalor OilMega Joint, Muscle, and Coat Supplement

Cavalor North America


To keep your horse in tip-top condition, complement their feed with CAVALOR OilMega, a high-fat liquid supplement. Enriched with an ideal balance of fatty acids, OilMega supports healthy weight especially in hard keepers, reduces inflammation, supports muscle function, and improves coat quality. Also, this supplement is a great addition to diets that require high-quality fats or added vitamin E for horses with special needs such as PSSM or are prone to tying up.

Key Benefits

  • Fatty acids that count: Includes an ideal balance of omega-3, 6 and 9 fatty acids that have a positive impact on health and vitality.
  • Coat enhancement: A combination of healthy fats results in a beautiful shine to a horse's coat.
  • Promotes endurance and healthy weight: The addition of OilMega to a horse's feed has a positive impact on their endurance and adds extra cool calories for healthy weight gain.
  • Fights infection: Balanced omegas assist in immunity and bolster the body's natural ability to fight infection.
  • Improves flexibility: This horse supplement helps to reduce inflammation in the body including joints and supports muscle function.
  • FEI clean sport guarantee when used as indicated.
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Feeding Instructions

Day 1: 20 ml

Day 2: 40 ml
Day 3: 60 ml
Day 4: 80 ml
Day 5: 100 ml
Week 2 onwards: 50 ml per day

Sprinkle over the feed for a minimum of 30 days, preferably 60 days, and can also be used daily. The peak effect is reached in 6-8 weeks.

2L lasts approximately 33 days, 10L lasts approximately 193 days.

Guaranteed Analysis

Humidity: 3.3%
Crude Fat: 97.5%
Vitamin E: 4,500 mg/kg
Omega: 3.34%
Omega: 6.8%
Omega: 9.24%


Blend of natural oils including linseed oil and soybean oil, omega 3-6 fatty acids, vitamin E oil

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