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Cavalor North America

Cavalor Hoof Aid

Product id: 3826356158509
Cavalor North America

Cavalor Hoof Aid

Product id: 3826356158509
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CAVALOR Hoof Aid is designed to maintain strong hooves from foals to senior horses. This powdered supplement includes all of the most important vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that contribute to the development of healthy, durable hooves.


  • Targeted recipe: Made with high-quality biotin, vitamin A, vitamin D3 and zinc to grow strong, healthy hooves.
  • Optimal absorption: Featuring the amino acids, methionine that helps to bind minerals for enhanced absorption letting your horse absorb more of the crucial elements needed to grow solid hooves.
  • Tip: For chronic poor quality hooves start with CAVALOR Hoof Aid Special for first 3-6 months and then transition onto CAVALOR Hoof Aid for maintenance.

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For horses and ponies: Feed 30 grams per day. Do not exceed 100 grams per day, pack should last 26 days.

Biotin, Methionine, Calcium, and Zinc.

Crude Protein: 5.9%

Crude Fat: 0.1%

Crude Ash: 1.1%

Crude Fibre: 0.1%

Methionine: 9.9%

Calcium: 0.2%

Vitamin H (Biotin): 1,500 mg/kg

Zinc: 1,000 mg/kg

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