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    Nupafeed MAH Magnesium Daily Liquid

    Nupafeed USA


    Supplementing horses with magnesium to manage stress, erratic behavior, anxiety, and also to relax tight muscles is not a new concept. Nupafeed Magnesium Calming Supplement Raises the bar with MAH. MAH is a refined source of magnesium that offers exceptionally high absorption rates and increased bioavailability. This daily liquid is a great solution to help your horse manage stress and anxiety on a daily basis.

    Key Benefits

    • Promotes Balance: This supplement will not dull your horse; rather the liquid works purely by providing your horse with the magnesium to maintain the correct magnesium/calcium within their body. Having the correct balance helps prevent adrenaline rushes, muscle tension, and spooky behavior.
    • Will not sedate your horse: This supplement contains no other compounds such as herbs or L-Tryptophan, which act as mild sedatives. Performance should improve as reduced tension allows your horse to listen to what is being asked of him or her.
    • FEI Compliant: This supplement does not contain banned substances in accordance with FEI rules.
    • Refined Source of Magnesium: MAH, the active ingredient in this supplement, is magnesium, and hydrochloride to improve the efficacy of the ingredients.
    • Tips on overcoming a Magnesium deficiency: Always complete a loading dose to introduce your horse to the supplement. If No improvement it is seen it is suggested the horse be checked for ulcers
    • Extra Notes: The substance should not enter the respiratory tract of your horse. Product is not affected by change of color.

    Feeding Instructions

    Loading Dose:

    Important to overcome magnesium deficiency.

    Up to 600 lbs: 30 mls twice daily

    600-900 lbs: 60 mls twice daily

    900lbs+: 90 mls twice daily

    Feed loading dose until improvement is seen, typically between 3-5 days.

    Maintenance Dose:

    All weights: Feed 30 mls once a day.

    Horses that may be a little more "high strung" may require 30 mls twice daily. Syringing orally after feed may be more beneficial. Product must be put on feed immediately before feeding.

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    Guaranteed Analysis

    Crude Protein: 17%

    Crude Ashes: 9%

    Crude Fat: 0%

    Crude Fiber: 0%

    Magnesium: 5%


    Magnesium - Aspartate - Hydrochloride (MAH ®)
    Potassium Sorbate (preservative)