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Cavalor SoZen

Cavalor North America


Help calm “hot”, nervous or anxious horses with CAVALOR Sozen powdered supplement. This natural equine supplement targets the adrenal-cortisol balance in horses to reduce the impact of prolonged tension on their hormonal systems. When these hormones are out of balance the horse can be more susceptible to stress and act in an unpredictable manner.

Key Benefits

  • Calming balance: Helps balance the adrenaline-cortisol levels in highly stressed horses.
  • All natural: Natural ingredients are safe for horses to consume.
  • Herbal mixture: Relaxing combination of ginseng, garlic, oats milky seed, common rue, St. John's wort, common hops, European goldenrod, common nettle, birch, and licorice
  • Easy to use powder: Simply add the recommended amount to your horse's feed as needed.
  • Non-sedating horse product: Gentle formula helps to calm horses without causing drowsiness.
  • Tip: Give the 10 day loading dose (ideally at a time of low stress) and then follow up with a daily dose or use as needed by adding Sozen 2-3 days before the stressful event. Can be combined with CAVALOR Take It Easy for an elevated affect for extremely nervous or anxious horses.
  • FEI clean sport guarantee when used as indicated.

Feeding Instructions

Feed rate is the same for any horse or pony.
Initial Rate: Feed 30 grams (4 scoops) once a day for 10 days. Your horse may become more tense or reactive around day 4-5 of loading dose period.

Follow up rate: 15 grams (2 scoops) a day prior to and during an event.

Do not exceed 60 grams in one day.

If more than three months has passed between courses, it is recommended to re-introduce the product at the initial rate. The time period can vary depending on the temperament of your horse.

Guaranteed Analysis

(Per Kilogram)

Hypericum Perforatum: 35,000 mg
Ginseng: 30,000 mg
Humulus Lupulus: 30,000 mg
Ruta Graveolens: 25,000 mg
Solidago Virgaurea: 30,000 mg
Urtica dioica: 25,000 mg
Glycyrrhiza Glabra: 61,000 mg
L-Tryptophan: 250,000 mg
Magnesium: 0.2%


Avena Sativa, Betula, Glycyrrhiza glabra, Passiflora, and Allium sativa.

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