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Merck Animal Health Panacur Paste

Merck & Co.


Rid your horse of worms and parasites with the Merck Animal Health Panacur Paste Syringe. This horse worm medicine works to remove pinworms, roundworms, and strongyles at the larvae level to keep your horse healthy. The syringe and apple-cinnamon flavor make it easy to administer, and it's safe to use on all horses including foals and pregnant mares.

Key Benefits

  • Works on parasites: Use to control pinworms, roundworms, and large and small strongyles in your horse.
  • Safe to use: Safe for foals, miniature horses, pregnant mares, older horses, and thin or underweight horses.
  • Easy to administer: The horse syringe and apple-cinnamon flavor makes it easy to feed.
  • Active Ingredient: Panacur (fenbendazole) 10%