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Vita Flex Hylamotion Equine Joint Supplement with Hyaluronic Acid

Farnam Companies, Inc.


Keep your horse's joints feeling great. Whether they are facing the strains of aging, training, or competition, Vita Flex Hylamotion Equine Joint Support Formula horse supplement will help keep them performing their absolute best.

Key Benefits

  • Joint supplement: Delivers 100 mg of premium hyaluronic acid (HA) per serving. HA is the ultimate joint lubricant and is a major component of skin, cartilage, and synovial fluid, the shock-absorbing fluid in the joints.
  • Easy-to-give: Palatable alfalfa- and grain-based powder.
  • Long lasting: The 2.5-pound container is an approximate 80-day supply.
  • Versatile: For all classes of horses. Ideal for working horses, performance horses, show horses, and aging horses.
  • Easy portioning: Includes 1/2-ounce scoop.

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