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Cavalor Gastro Aid

Cavalor North America


If your horse suffers from gastric ulcers, provide relief with CAVALOR Gastro Aid paste or powder supplement, a nutritional tool used in gastric ulcer management and prevention. It's formulated to help horses perform” and feel” their best by attacking gastric issues from multiple angles including neutralizing stomach pH which protects the stomach wall against irritation.

Key Benefits

  • All in one: Neutralizes acid production without blocking it's production, protects stomach mucus, encourages the healing of stomach wounds, and stimulates saliva which naturally buffers stomach acid.
  • Tastes great: Flavorful mastica supports digestion while safely and effectively protecting the stomach wall without harming friendly bacteria.
  • Also includes: Nucleotides, bioflavonoids, ginger, chestnut extract, and vitamin U for relief from gastric irritation.
  • Versatile: Ideal for ponies, recreation horses, and sport horses.
  • Tip: use the paste during travel, competition or for severe cases and the powder for maintenance on horses prone to gastric ulcers. CAVALOR Gastro Aid is commonly used after treatments with Omeprazole to help balance the stomach acid as it returns.
  • Consistent dosage: Concentrated powders or pastes means you get the same dose every time, whereas loose ingredients can vary per dose.
  • FEI clean sport guarantee when used as indicated.
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Feeding Instructions

Feed your horse 30 g a day for at least 4-6 weeks. Maximum daily dose is 75 g, 1.8 Kilograms should last for 60 days. In severe cases, Cavalor recommends a 14-day course of Gastro 8 Paste before this product.

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein: 14%

Crude Fat: 1.3%

Crude Ash: 5%

Crude Fibre: 7%


Yeast cultures, Gentiana lutea, Melissa officinalis, Glycyrrhiza glabra, Zingiber officinale, Centaurium erythraea, Mastica

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