Cavalor FreeBute Pro
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Cavalor FreeBute Pro

Product id: 3826354126893
Cavalor North America

Cavalor FreeBute Pro

Product id: 3826354126893
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Relieve your horse’s pain and discomfort naturally with CAVALOR FreeBute Pro. This paste supplement offers natural relief that enables horses to stay comfortable and allows them to move pain-free. It contains only natural ingredients and offers relief from inflammation, pain, and soreness that affect muscles and joints, especially in performance or senior horses. 


  • Use at any time: This fast-acting supplement can be used at any time, but it is especially useful before, during and after competitions to minimize pain and inflammation.
  • Natural formula: Contains no chemicals, only a carefully composed mixture of herbs such as Feverfew, European black currant, and Heartsease that have a synergistic effect and provide powerful relief when combined. This was demonstrated in a scientific research program at the University of Prince Edward Island in Canada.
  • Smooth digestion: This easily digested supplement will not harm the horse’s stomach.
  • Convenient tablets: Easy-to-use syringe is convenient to administer. Can be used daily if needed.
  • TIP: Combine with CAVALOR Muscle Fit for a one-two punch to inflammation and muscle soreness!
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One-half tube the evening before the exertion and one-half tube in the morning prior to the exertion.

Crude Protein: 14%
Crude Fat: 0.2%
Crude Ash: 6%
Crude Fibre: 3%
Calcium: 0.1%
Phosphor: 0.7%
Vitamin E: 7,000 mg/kg
Vitamin B1: 1,250 mg/kg
Vitamin B2: 900 mg/kg
Zinc 600: mg/kg
Manganese: 300 mg/kg

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