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Horse Grooming & Hair Care

Horse Grooming Brushes

Horse grooming serves many purposes - to remove loose hair and dirt, to keep your horse’s skin healthy, and to promote a show ring shine. Your horse's coat will be shiny and healthy by using the most effective grooming tools such as curry combs, body brushes, and face brushes.

Stock your Horse's Grooming Kit

Horse care starts with a good set of grooming supplies.

The Curry Comb:

The traditional gold standard of curry combs is the rubber curry. Used in a circular fashion, the curry comb  has many designs from which to choose.

HandsOn Grooming Gloves allow you to wear your curry on your hand and can be used wet or dry to keep your horse’s coat clean and healthy. These mitts also collect loose hair and are easily cleaned.

New products such as the Epona Shed Flower dig into thick coats of mud, while the Epona Tiger's Tongue is a great alternative to a traditional rubber curry comb

Body Brushes:

After a thorough curry, lift the dirt and loose hair with a dandy brush. These brushes usually have somewhat stiff bristles to flick dirt away.

Stiff brushes are made for tough mud, hooves, and thick winter coats.

Soft brushes are ideal for legs and sensitive areas on your horse. A face brush also has soft bristles that fit around your horse's eyes, ears, and nose.

Finishing brushes have short and tight bristles to add shine and remove the last bits of dust. Quarter marks are easy to create with a finishing brush.

The SleekEz shedding blades help remove a thick winter coat and lift loose hair in the spring.  HandsOn Grooming Gloves are another option to help your horse shed.

Mane and tail brushes untangle the longer hair on your horse and should be used when your horse's mane and tail are dry. If you braid your horse for shows, add Tail Tamer slick bands to your braiding kit.

Hoof Care:

The hoof pick is a must have in any grooming kit. Any farrier will tell you that picking your horse’s feet daily is an essential part of horse care. Hoof picks with attached brushes allow you to remove the larger chunks of dirt, and the brush gets into the hoof grooves.

Hoof polishes and conditioners add the finishing touch to your horse's grooming routine, and promote hoof health.

Other Essential Grooming Supplies

In warmer weather, add a few things to your horse's grooming kit.

Shampoos and conditioners for baths are a must! Conditioners keep the horsehair soft and resistant to stains.

You will also need sponges, a bathing mitt or grooming gloves, and a sweat scraper. The Roma Soft Grip Sponge Brush is a combination sponge and gentle brush, perfect for a bath.

Small Wahl trimmers tidy up stray hairs around ears, bridle paths, and lower legs.

Fly sheets, bug repellents, and fly masks keep gnats and flies away.

In colder weather, add these items to your horse care routine.

Body clippers for trace clips or full clips. This helps your horse stay comfortable in his exercise and climate. Add clipper oil and Oster Kool Lube to take care of your blades.

Liniments are applied to help your horse's joints feel better after exercise.

Find the Best Horse Grooming Products with Corro

We are happy to help you personally with your horse grooming questions or first aid kit needs. We can also help you with your order, finding the right tack for your horse, and any return questions you have.

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