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Perfect Products

Perfect Products for Horses

The Perfect Prep EQ Calming System is a full line of great products that work together to provide calming support for horses. These formulas are ideal for nervous horses, promoting focus away from home, and encouraging calm behavior during stressful situations. Keep reading to learn more about this equine calming supplement brand trusted by equestrians for years.

Frequently Asked Questions About Perfect Products

Is Perfect Prep show legal?

Show organizations like the USEF do not recognize any specific supplements as show legal, but Perfect Prep calming formulas do not contain any prohibited substances.

How long does Perfect Prep last?

Perfect Prep products provide different durations of calming effects. Perfect Prep Eq Training Day is a daily supplement for overall calming support. Perfect Prep EQ Extreme Paste, Perfect Prep EQ Prime Paste, and Perfect Prep EQ Supreme Paster last for about six hours. Perfect Prep EQ Gold Paste reaches maximum effect four to six hours after administration and lasts for up to eighteen hours.

What is the best calming supplement for horses?

Perfect Prep EQ products are a premium line of calming products trusted by horse owners to provide effective horse calming support at horse shows and in stressful situations. These supplements contain active ingredients like inositol, magnesium, b vitamins, l-tryptophan, thiamine, and amino acids. Perfect Prep EQ Sane & Sound Max, Perfect Prep Training Day Powder, Perfect Prep Gold Pellets, and several paste formulas are part of the Perfect Prep calming system.

How do you administer perfect prep?

Perfect Prep products are administered directly into the horse's mouth or added to feed depending on the formula and the horse's needs. Quick-acting pastes are ideal to use pre-event, while daily supplements help maintain focus every day. For best results, keep the pastes at room temperature.

What is the recommended dosage of perfect prep?

Perfect Prep products have different dosages depending on the formula and use. Calming pastes require the administration of one half to one full tube. Perfect Prep feed supplements come with dosing scoops. Be careful to follow instructions closely and avoid exceeding the recommended doses.

Does perfect prep have side effects?

Perfect Prep does not cause significant side effects when used as instructed.

What is the difference between perfect prep and tranquilizer?

Perfect Prep is not a tranquilizer. Although Perfect Products can promote focus and calm, they do not replace tranquilizers in situations that require pharmaceuticals.