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Absorbine grew out of humble beginnings—and through the tenacity of someone willing to question the status quo.

Mary Ida Young was an herbalist in late 19th-century Massachusetts, and she knew there had to be a more humane way to care for horses than the caustic treatments of the day. Her husband, Wilbur Fenelon Young, was an enterprising piano deliveryman who relied on the couple’s team of horses to make deliveries.

Mary Ida formulated what would become their signature herbal tincture using menthol to increase blood flow, speed recovery, and address arthritis pain —without painful burning or blistering. Wilbur began selling the new Absorbine Veterinary Liniment on his delivery rounds, and soon it was on its way to becoming the most popular pain reliever liniment in the world, for use on muscle pain, backaches, sprains, arthritis pain, and stiff joints.

Absorbine has continued to add innovative products throughout the years — products used everyday by horse owners worldwide.

Best-Selling Absorbine Products

Absorbine Veterinary Liniment and Absorbine Veterinary Liniment Gel
A horse care essential, Absorbine Veterinary Liniment - topical analgesic and antiseptic liquid - was formulated to soothe muscle pain and joint stiffness of working horses in 1892. Today, as the world’s best-selling horse liniment, it continues to offer the same soothing blend of natural menthol, herbal extracts and essential oils. This trusted pain relieving liquid provides fast relief for sore muscles, ligaments, tendons, and stiff joints. A true "medicine chest in a bottle", this time-tested formula has deep penetrating active ingredients that provide pain relief for soreness and treat common fungal and bacterial conditions of the skin and hoof. Inactive ingredients include plant extracts of calendula, echinacea, wormwood herbs, and thymol. This product earned the coveted blue ribbon in our exclusive Corro Top Rated tests!

Absorbine Fungasol Shampoo
Absorbine Fungasol deep penetrating Shampoo is proven to treat a range of fungal and bacterial skin conditions and a pain reliever even if the exact nature of an equine skin problem isn’t readily apparent. Clean, treat, and protect your horse’s skin with a gentle formula that includes essential oils like tea tree oil and a powerful Biopolysan booster ingredient derived from coconuts to enhance the formula’s efficiency. Use the Fungasol products separately, or as a complete system to treat even the toughest fungal and bacterial skin conditions. This product also earned the coveted blue ribbon in our very own Corro Top Rated tests!

Silver Honey Rapid Wound Repair Ointment or Spray Gel
The natural and fast-acting Silver Honey Rapid Repair Ointment is the first equestrian healthcare product to combine the natural power of Manuka Honey and MicroSilver BG, Silver Honey Rapid Wound Repair is equine wound care that's tough on bacteria but gentle on skin. Its revolutionary formula moisturizes the treatment area as it heals and is proven to stop 99.9% of bacteria immediately to start healing faster. It also protects the skin's natural microbiome, so your horses, ponies and animal companions heal quickly and comfortably. Effective on cuts, abrasions, sores, rain rot, rashes, fungus, scratches, sweet itch, wounds, and burns. Provides natural debridement of wounds to shed dead tissue and promote new tissue growth.

Absorbine ShowSheen Hair Polish & Detangler
Formulated by hair care professionals and trusted by horse owners world-wide, ShowSheen Original Hair Polish & Detangler instantly detangles manes and tails, and is clinically proven to smooth hair and significantly reduce hair breakage for fuller, longer manes and tails. And of course, ShowSheen is renowned for providing stronger, healthier hair and an unparalleled radiant shine. Comes with Spray applicator.

Absorbine Horseman’s One Step Cream Leather Cleaner & Conditioner
Clean, restore and recondition natural and synthetic leather with Absorbine Horseman's One Step Cream Leather Cleaner & Conditioner. This all-in-one cream condition removes dirt and sweat, restores shine and keeps leather soft and supple. Protects against drying and cracking to keep leather soft and pliable. Suitable for use on both natural and synthetic leather products.

Absorbine Hooflex Concentrated Hoof Builder Supplement
Absorbine Hooflex Concentrated Hoof Builder Horse Supplement provides optimum nutrition to support healthy hooves. It contains omega-3 fatty acids and purified biotin, along with prebiotics and minerals to promote hooves that are strong from the inside out. Give with daily horse pellets for ease administration. Contains omega-3 from stabilized flaxseed and essential hoof minerals (zinc, copper, manganese, and cobalt) in chelated form. All-natural prebiotics and chelated minerals provide high bioavailability for easy digestibility and absorption. Concentrated formula contains no fillers and is highly palatable.