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Herm Sprenger KK Ultra Sensogan 18mm Loose Ring Snaffle

Herm Sprenger


The Herm Sprenger KK Ultra Sensogan® Loose Ring Snaffle offers an elegant and innovative bit design. A variation on a classic three-piece snaffle, the mouthpiece is made from Sensogan®, a metal developed by specialists at Herm Sprenger. This is a gentle mouthpiece with a 45 degree forward tilt and short middle piece that will roll on your horse's tongue when the reins are engaged.

Key Benefits

  • Sensogan®: A proprietary blend of Copper, Zinc, and Manganese which will oxidize slowly over time. It has a pleasant taste for the horse, and encourages salivation and bit acceptance.
  • Direct Action Bit: Loose Rings are not fixed to the mouthpiece and are considered direct action bits; any pressure applied to the reins is equally applied to your horse's mouth.
  • 18mm thick mouthpiece: Though the thickness of this mouthpiece means pressure is applied gently to your horse's tongue, a piece that is too thick for your horse can actually prevent your horse's mouth from closing properly. This size is a great choice for well-trained horses with larger mouths.
  • Forward angle: The 45 degree forward tilt on the mouthpiece is meant to create a sensitive connection between horse and rider.

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