Herm Sprenger Duo Loose Ring 16 mm
Herm Sprenger

Herm Sprenger Duo Loose Ring 16 mm

Product id: 4648991916090
Herm Sprenger

Herm Sprenger Duo Loose Ring 16 mm

Product id: 4648991916090
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The Herm Sprenger Duo Loose Ring features stainless-steel rings and a 16 mm Mullen mouthpiece made of a soft, flexible, food-safe plastic that is reinforced with a steel cable for strength and security. This bit is very gentle on the horse’s mouth. Includes a versatile mouthpiece shape consisting of one side that acts as a straight bar and the other that allows more room for the tongue.


  • Herm Sprenger: Family-owned since 1872, a trusted producer of high-quality, innovative equestrian products. Manufactured in Germany to exacting standards with the finest materials available for quality that performs.
  • Loose ring: Stainless-steel loose ring snaffle with a plastic mouthpiece reinforced with a steel cable.
  • Duo plastic Mullen mouthpiece: A flexible, strong, and secure steel cable core covered with white plastic that is food-safe, solvent-free, and contains no plasticizers. May be used as a straight bar or flipped to allow room for the tongue.
  • Palatability: Plastic is softer and warmer than a metal mouthpiece for satisfaction and motivation on sensitive and mouth-sensitive horses.
  • 16mm mouthpiece: Offers a good weight-bearing surface and is well accommodated by most horses.
  • Size guide: 16 mm mouthpiece thickness, 70 mm ring diameter.
  • Discipline: Basic education

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