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Back on Track

Back on Track Limber Up Liniment Gel

Product id: 4607731499066
Back on Track

Back on Track Limber Up Liniment Gel

Product id: 4607731499066
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Back on Track Limber Up LiniMint Leg & Body Brace Gel by Back on Track is a non-greasy, all-natural cooling gel designed to soothe your horse's tired muscles, stiff joints, sore ligaments and tendons, and general body aches caused by daily use and exercise. This versatile gel liniment may be applied directly from the bottle as a massage rub or diluted for a refreshing all-over brace to stimulate circulation and improve suppleness and range of motion. Suitable for use before, during, or after exercise, Limber Up LiniMint is formulated for animals with sensitive skin and is safe to apply under saddles, blankets, wraps, and therapy equipment.


  • All-natural ingredients: Soothes and cools using only natural ingredients based on modern science and ancient herbal practice.
  • Use with confidence: BSCG certified drug-free, made with no banned substances, no skin-drying alcohol, and no harsh chemicals or other harmful agents. Formulated for animals with sensitive skin.
  • Wide-ranging applications: Use as a massage aid, body brace, on hooves, and as a pre-exercise warm-up, or post-exercise cool-down.

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Use full strength right from the bottle before or after exercise.

Apply as a warm-up prep prior to exercise

Use under saddles, blankets, and wraps.

Use as a massage rub and leg brace.

Apply directly to the hoof and sole if sore, bruised or overly moist.

Use under poultice.

Body Brace & Bath Wash

Dilute 1/2 to 1 oz. in a gallon of water. Creates a stimulating and refreshing brace and wash. Use full strength or in dilution.

Witch Hazel, Aloe Vera, Arnica, Rosemary, Rosehips, Yucca Root, and Essential Peppermint Oil

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