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    EasyCare Easyboot Glove Soft Wide, Single Boot

    EasyCare, Inc.

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    The Easyboot Glove Soft Wide is an update on the best-selling form-fitting boot, the Easyboot Glove, but with a wider sole than the regular Easybot Glove Soft. This boot has a new and improved soft elastic gaiter. Like a glove, the boot hugs the hoof and responds like a natural foot. It fits like a second skin and doesn't add bulk, width, or hinder mobility. An ideal lightweight horse boot for well-maintained hooves, this combination hoof boot and gaiter prevents shoe loss, even in rougher terrain. A range of sizes ensures that you can get the correct fit for your horse's individual hooves. Boots are sold individually.

    Key Benefits

    • Semi-aggressive tread: Adaptable to all kinds of terrain.
    • Enhanced durability: A blended urethane boot resists wear and tear.
    • Reinforced gaiter: Prevents injury and smooth finish reduces chafing.
    • Custom-fit: Conforms to the hoof for a comfortable fit that keeps out dirt and debris.
    • Easy to use: Quick-closing straps ensure less stress for your horse.


    How to Measure Your Horse for Hoof Boots

    How to Measure

    The best time to measure a hoof is after a fresh trim. You'll need to find the length and width of the hoof's weight-bearing wall. Finding the width is simple, just measure across the widest part of the bottom of the hoof. To find the length, measure from the front toe line to the buttress line at the heel, which you can locate by drawing an imaginary line across the hoof between the two triangular points formed where the hoof wall begins to turn inward. The main thing to remember here is: DO NOT include the knobby heel bulbs in your measurement!

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