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Zoetis Quest Plus Dewormer Gel

Zoetis, Inc.


Just one dose of Zoetis QUEST PLUS Gel treats and controls encysted small strongyles, bots, and roundworms. QUEST PLUS contains praziquantel, which provides added efficacy against tapeworms. The American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) recommends tapeworm treatment in the late fall or early winter after tapeworm transmission ends due to cold weather.

Key Benefits

  • Effective Against Key Equine Parasites: Small strongyles are the key parasite of concern for adult horses. This equine parasite has shown widespread resistance to fenbendazole. Moxidectin, an active ingredient in QUEST PLUS, continues to show efficacy against small strongyles.
  • Long-lasting Parasite Suppression: QUEST PLUS is FDA-approved to suppress the production of small strongyle eggs, and a study showed egg suppression persisted for 90 days. This residual parasite control reduces pasture contamination and provides a period of protection from reinfection for horses and ponies.
  • Approved for Breeding Horses: QUEST PLUS is proven safe for use in a variety of horses, and are approved to treat encysted small strongyles in breeding mares and stallions.

Directions For Use

One syringe of QUEST or QUEST PLUS now treats up to 1,500 pounds. Both dewormers remain the same trusted formulations. Use a scale or weight tape prior to each deworming to help ensure an accurate dose for your horse.

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Guaranteed Analysis

Contains 20 mg moxidectin/mL (2.0% w/v) and 125 mg praziquantel/mL (12.5% w/v)