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Nupafeed L-Carnitine Daily Liquid

Nupafeed USA


Nupafeed L-Carnitine Daily Liquid Equine Energy Supplement is used to help build muscle, power, and energy without horses becoming "fizzy". Made with L-Carnitine, a naturally occurring amino acid, this supplement plays a vital role in the metabolism of fat, and is great for horses who tend to tire easily, or horses who need to overcome a fitness plateau. L-Carnitine also influences lactic acid turnover, and can, therefore, be helpful for a horse prone to increase muscle enzyme build-up. Nupafeed L-Carnitine comes in a daily liquid that easily top-dresses on your horse's grain.

Key Benefits

  • Palatable Formula: Nupafeed L-Carnitine Daily Liquid is a clear liquid which goes on the daily feed. Its odor is faint and only small amounts are required so fussy feeders normally do not notice.
  • Also available in a Concentrated Paste.
  • Contains Magnesium: The MAH (magnesium-asparate-hydrochloride) content of the L-Carnitine is critical; it acts as a carrier assisting the absorption of the L-Carnitine.
  • Safe formula: Nupafeed L-Carnitine Daily Liquid is entirely safe; your horse will excrete what he does not use through urine or sweat.
  • Proven to improve Stallion Fertility: L-Carnitine has been proven to improve parameters of sperm formation and motility in many species including equines.
  • Store in a cool, dry place: We suggest keeping all supplements out of direct sunlight and not stored in a horse trailer for an extended period of time.

How it works

L-Carnitine improves the efficiency of energy turn over by mobilizing fat stores, making glucose readily available in the cells to make energy. During hard work, normal glucose metabolism often does not provide enough energy and other substrates are used. Improving glucose metabolism not only spares these other substrates which are required for muscle growth and repair, but also reduces the number of harmful toxins produced during hard work so less muscle damage occurs.

Feeding Instructions

Feed 10 ml per 200 lbs body weight of horse per day. (i.e. 1000 lbs feed 30 mls twice daily). Amount can be increased a few days before competition. It may take 2-3 weeks before results are seen.

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Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein: 18.7%

Crude ashes: 4.7%

Crude Fat: 0.0%

Crude fiber: 0.0%

L-Carnitine: 17.0%

Magnesium: 2.8%


Magnesium - Aspartate - Hydrocholoride (MAH ®)
Potassium Sorbate (preservative)