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Cavalor Take It Easy Forte

Cavalor North America


Cavalor Take It Easy Forte is a calming paste supplement that is extra-powerful for quick and effective results. This potent supplement reduces anxiety and the impact of stress factors while improving concentration. Horses that are scared or stressed aren't themselves anymore. Cavalor Take It Easy Forte is a versatile approach to occasional stress-inducing situations. It contains essential oils that have a soothing effect and by supporting bodily functions such as breathing and circulation, also support general well being. This paste is perfect for using right before high-stress events such as competitions and transport.

Key Benefits

  • Naturally effective using essential oils with a synergistic effect: Contains a blend of essential oils including common hop, mandarin orange, ylang-ylang, Texas cedar, and vetiver.
  • Every horse deals with stress differently: Combining individual oils makes stress management possible and is effective for a variety of different horses and situations.
  • High dose of L-Tryptophan: tryptophan stimulates serotonin, an anti-stress hormone naturally produced by the body.
  • Works quickly: Vitamin B1 facilitates the work of neurotransmitters, supports the adrenal glands and has a soothing effect. It also promotes L-Tryptophan uptake and the combination of vitamin B1 and tryptophan ensures that Cavalor ® Take It Easy Forte can be given shortly before stressful situations.
  • Relaxes muscles: Magnesium citrate is an organic, easily absorbable source of magnesium. Magnesium has a soothing effect and helps muscles relax.
  • FEI clean sport guarantee when used as indicated.
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Feeding Instructions

Depending on the level of stress from 20 to 120g the 24 hours prior to the stress situation

Optimum results 20g evening before, 20g morning of and 20g 1 hour before.

Maximum 180g per day

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Guaranteed Analysis

vitamin b1 1 200 mg/l
Tryptophan 296 000 mg/l
Magnesium 1%
Humulus Lupulus 20 000 mg/l

Citrus Reticulata blanco 20 000 mg/l
Cananga Odorata 10 000 mg/l
Juniperus Mexicana 10 000 mg/l
Vetiveria Zizanoides 10 000 mg/l


High levels of Tryptophan, Vitamin B1 and Magnesium, Lavandula angustifolia, Humulus lupulus, Citrus reticulata, Cananga odorata, Juniperus Mexicana, Vetiveria zizanoides.