Redmond Equine Rein Water
Redmond Equine Rein Water
Redmond Equine

Redmond Equine Rein Water

Product id: 4436740276282
Redmond Equine

Redmond Equine Rein Water

Product id: 4436740276282
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Rein in dehydration with Rein Water. This great-tasting, natural electrolyte encourages drinking and helps your horse stay hydrated and healthy at home or on the road. Natural, unrefined ingredients come from mineral deposits in Central Utah, and provide a perfect blend of essential trace minerals your horse needs to leave a healthy and balanced life. 


  • Better Hydration: Rein Water encourages your horse to drink to prevent devastating dehydration issues.
  • Electrolyte Balance: Working horses that sweat their efforts can especially benefit from this supplement.
  • Essential Minerals: Minerals found in Rein Water restore balance, and prevent behavior such as eating dirt and cribbing.
  • All Natural: A hydrated horse is a healthy horse. The important balance of natural salt, minerals, and water is vital to a horse’s health.
  • Horses Love the Taste: Palatable supplement encourages your horse to drink.

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Contents will settle to the bottom of the bucket. but your horse will still get the benefits of the minerals absorbed in the water. Once finished, there will be some silt left over at the bottom of the bucket. Rinse it out and start over.

If your horse is ignoring their water, try dressing feed with Rein Wate to help trigger your horse's desire to drink.

One 5 lb pouch will last for about 6 weeks with daily use.

Mix 2 scoops (2 oz.) of Rein Water in a bucket with about 4 gallons of fresh water. Always provide a separate water source with fresh water.

Unrefined salt, sodium calcium alumninosilicate.

Calcium Min: 2.2% Max: 2.7%

Phosphorus: Min: 0.03%

Salt: Min: 46.0% Max: 51.0%

Magnesium Min: 0.43%

Sulfur Min: 0.07%

Copper Min: 11 ppm

Iodine Min: 10 ppm

Iron Min: 2200 ppm

Manganese Min: 202 ppm

Zinc Min: 17 ppm

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