AniMed Rice Bran Oil
AniMed, Inc.

AniMed Rice Bran Oil

Product id: 3826365825069
AniMed, Inc.

AniMed Rice Bran Oil

Product id: 3826365825069
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A 100% natural antioxidant, AniMed Pure Rice Bran Oil horse supplement is a useful and versatile supplement that will have your horse performing their best in no time.


  • Natural horse supplement: A pure, all-natural oil with no additives and a balanced source of energy, calories, vitamins, and fatty acids.
  • Includes antioxidants: Rice bran is a natural source of the newly discovered vitamin E complex tocotrienols, which are powerful antioxidants that protect the body from damaging free radicals.
  • Versatile: Recommended for horses of all ages and classes.

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Total Fatty Acids (min): 90%
Unsaponifiable matter (max): 2%
Insoluble Impurities (max): 1%
Free Fatty Acids (% as Olecic Acid) (max): 7%
Moisture (max): 0.50%
Vitamin E (min): 200 IU/lb

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