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AniMed Muscle Up Powder

AniMed, Inc.


For overall health and to aid in muscle growth and recovery, choose AniMed Muscle-Up Powder horse supplement. It supports healthy muscle, nerves, and circulatory system in your horse.

Key Benefits

  • For overall health: Unique formulation designed to support horse's overall health and function of their muscular system.
  • Aids muscle recovery: Helps with rapid muscle recovery and proper electrolyte balance, body fluid levels, and normal lactic acid levels.
  • Supports digestion: Contains a natural additive derived from yeast to support healthy digestion, proper gut flora, and pH.
  • Improves performance: Supports training and performance by promoting stamina, endurance, and muscle integrity/definition.
  • Versatile: For all classes of horses.
  • Easy portioning: Includes 1-tablespoon scoop.

Feeding Instructions

Mature Horses: 2 Tbsp daily for 14 days, then 1 Tbsp daily as maintenance. Yearlings: 1/2 recommended amount for mature horses.

Each scoop contains 1 Tbsp

Guaranteed Analysis

Per Ounce:

Potassium: 2675mg
Sodium: 1750mg
Sugar (electrolyte): 1063mg
Gamma Oryzanol: 1000mg
Creatine: 1000mg
DMG: 900mg
Vitamin E: 875IU
Calcium: 550mg
Magnesium: 200mg
Folic Acid: 175mg
Phosphorus: 100mg
Thiamine (B-1): 46mg
Vitamin C: 40mg
Niacin: 35mg
l-Carnatine: 25mg
Chromium: 17mg
Iron: 10mg
Zinc: 8mg
Omega 3 Fatty Acid: 3.5%
Live Lactic Acid Bacteria: 1.5 million CFU


Dried Brewers Yeast and Fermentation Solubles, Stabilized Rice Bran, Flaxseed Meal

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