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Horsemen's Pride Jolly Ball

Horsemen's Pride, Inc.


The Horsemen's Pride Jolly Ball doesn't require air to inflate, which makes it a durable option that can withstand biting, kicking, and roughhousing without losing its shape or breaking. Equipped with a convenient handle, this exercise ball for horses can be easily thrown to entertain horses and prevent boredom and destructive behavior.

Key Benefits

  • Durable design: No air needed to inflate, so it won't break easily from biting, kicking, or rough play.
  • Alleviates boredom: Designed to keep your steed active and entertained.
  • Convenient handle: Has a handle for easy throwing and for hanging up in stalls.
  • Scents and colors: Available in various scents and colors to entice your horse and encourage play.
  • Not just for horses: Other animals will love playing with the Jolly Ball, but note that the plastic is susceptible to punctures from teeth and claws.