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Cavallo Entry Level Regular Sole Hoof Boot (ELB), Single Boot

Cavallo, Inc.


The Cavallo Entry Level Regular Sole Hoof Boot (ELB) is designed for those who are new to boot riding or only require boots on limited occasions. These boots are ideal for horses who need rehabilitation or therapeutic rest. They can also come in handy to use as a spare if your horse drops a shoe while out riding. Boots are sold individually.

Key Benefits

  • Entry level: An affordable hoof boot for those new to barefoot booted riding.
  • Industrial grade nylon: 1680 count Denier nylon, tested on all terrains.
  • Replaceable Velcro closure: Extend the life of your hoof boots with replaceable, easy-fasten straps, no tools required.
  • Fits all hooves: Provides a custom fit on fore or hind legs, right or right hoof.
  • Safety: Reflective logo for low light visibility.
  • Fit Tip: Regular Sole Boots are great for horses with rounder hooves, meaning similar length and width measurements. Slim Sole Boots are recommended for horses whose hooves are oval shapes, meaning noticeably different length and width measurements.

Tips for Measuring Your Horse for Hoof Boots

  • Measure Length and Width: To find the best hoof boot size and style for your horse, it is important to get reliable width and length measurements.
  • Measuring for Width: Simply measure your unshod horse's hoof at the widest point.
  • Measuring for Length: Measure from the toe to the buttress line. The definition of buttress changes from farrier to hoof boot manufacturer, so what you really want to make sure you're measuring is the weight-bearing wall of your horse's hoof. We have a diagram included in our Measuring Guide (linked below), but the most important thing here is that you want to make sure you do not include the heel bulbs in your measurement. If it helps to visualize, imagine painting the bottom of your horse's hoof and then stamping it on the ground. You are measuring what that imprint would be.
  • Analyzing your measurements: Once you feel confident in your measurements, there are a few important questions:
    • Are your measurements the same, or nearly the same? If so, we recommend the Cavallo Regular Sole Styles and most EasyCare EasyBoot Styles.
    • Is the Length longer than the Width? If so, we recommend the Cavallo Slim Sole Styles (for horses whose hooves are 1/4" - 1/2" longer) and most EasyCare EasyBoot Styles


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