MVP Biotin II-22X Pellets
MVP Biotin II-22X Pellets
Med-Vet Pharmaceuticals

MVP Biotin II-22X Pellets

Product id: 3826346786861
Med-Vet Pharmaceuticals

MVP Biotin II-22X Pellets

Product id: 3826346786861
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The Med-Vet Pharmaceuticals Biotin II-22x Hoof Supplement Pellets contain a potent formula to help your horse build strong, healthy and supportive hooves, even after severe damage. Its ingredient-rich formula contains essential horse vitamins and minerals to also help support skin and coat health.


  • Includes stabilized biotin: Contains biotin for horses that's stabilized to last longer on your stable shelf.
  • Builds strong hooves: Hoof supplement includes essential amino acids, minerals, and live microbials to build strong, healthy hooves.
  • Improves skin health: Contains vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that also support skin and hair health.
  • Promotes optimal digestion: Hoof supplement contains probiotics that make it easy to digest.

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    (per lb):
    Lysine (min): 5.5%
    Methionine (min): 6.7%
    Cystine (min): 1.25%
    Sulfur (min): 2.76%
    Copper (min): 550ppm
    Selenium (min): 35.2 ppm
    Zinc (min): 1,590 ppm
    Manganese (min): 1,760 ppm
    Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6) (min): 690 mg
    Biotin (min): 352 mg
    Direct Fed Microbials (Bacillus subtilis and Bacilus Lichenformis) (min): 16 billion Colony Forming Units (CFUs)

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