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Redmond Equine

Redmond Equine

Redmond Equine is a unique equine supplement company that offers natural salt licks and mineral supplements for horses. Redmond products contain Redmond Rock, a natural sea salt from Southern Utah that provides horses with trace minerals and electrolytes. Keep reading to check out the answers to common FAQs about Redmond Equine.

Frequently Asked Questions About Redmond Equine

What does Daily Gold stress relief do?

Redmond Daily Gold promotes stress relief in horses by buffering acid and soothing the gastrointestinal tract. The supplement consists of loose minerals that support a healthy digestive system. It can benefit horses that struggle with equine stomach ulcers, diarrhea, lack of appetite, stress, and other common issues.

Is Redmond Rock good for horses?

Redmond Rock is an excellent source of sodium, electrolytes, and certain trace minerals beneficial for horse health.

How long does a Redmond Rock last?

Redmond Equine offers several sizes of Redmond Rocks for horses. How long these licks last can vary greatly when provided as a free choice salt block for your horses. A 9 lb Redmond Rock will last an average horse for three months.

How do you use bentonite clay on horses?

Bentonite clay is included in horse supplements to support horses with stomach ulcers and diarrhea. Horse owners can also mix this clay with water to make a poultice.

What are the ingredients in Redmond Rock?

Redmond Equine uses natural ingredients in its equine products. Redmond Rock is 100% natural mineral salt harvested from soils in Southern Utah.

What benefits does Redmond Rock provide?

Redmond Rock is a mineral supplement that encourages hydration and supports optimal mineral balance. Horses should always have access to free choice sea salt, and Redmond rock offers excellent palatability.

What is the best Redmond Rock for horses?

Redmond Equine offers several different forms of their Redmond electrolyte products. Redmond Rock Crushed is ideal for horse owners who prefer to add an electrolyte supplement to their horse's feed, while Redmond Rock on a Rope allows horses to have free-choice mineral supplementation. Horses that need extra vitamins and minerals can benefit from fortified Redmond Equine Daily Red Complete Wellness.

What is Redmond Rock?

Redmond Rock is a natural salt lick for horses that provides electrolytes and trace minerals to promote hydration, mineral balance, and optimal health.

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