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Equifit offers a wide range of products from front boots to non-slip half pads and antimicrobial washes. Checkout their full line of products, any equestrian will find something they are sure to love.

Hind Boots

Two great options for the equitation ring are the EquiFit Eq-Teq Hind Boot with Impacteq Liner and The EquiFit D-Teq Hind Boots. Both hind boots are available with the Equifit Impacteq liner, the Eq-Teq Hind boot is also available with a Sheepswool Liner EquiFit Essential Everyday Hind Boots are a great choice for turnout, schooling, showing, and everything in between. This is a tall hind boot which is a great choice for turnout, schooling, showing, and everything in between.

Front Boots

Like the hind boot styles, Equifit has great front boot options. The Equifit Eq-Teq front boots are constructed from long-lasting EverLeather and feature tab closures for a custom fit. If you're looking for a different option checkout the Equifit T-Sport Wrap for front and hind legs.


Equifit manufactures a great selection of saddle pads, girths, hunter girths, horsesox and gel bands. If you're in the market for new ear plugs or an ear bonnet, Equifit is a great option. Their Silentfit ear technology provides protection from annoying insects and distracting noise all while maintaining a professional and polished look. The Equifit Bellyband protects your horse from spur rubs and sours. Available in pony, cob, horse, and oversize you'll be able to find the perfect fit for your horse. The full line of AgSilver products features antimicrobial properties to keep your horse looking and feeling its best. The Equifit Shouldersback lite, made of breathable fabric helps to improve your posture when riding, sitting, or standing.

Make sure to keep up with our new products added weekly to Corro Shop. Whether you're looking for cold therapy products or neoprene girths we have something for everyone.

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