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Best Friend Free-to-eat Muzzle

Best Friend Equine Supply, Inc.


Gently curb cribbing and biting with the Best Friend Free-to-Eat Muzzle. Constructed from hardwearing nylon and lightweight aluminum, this horse-grazing muzzle easily attaches to any halter. A four-point attachment system keeps it secure while still allowing your horse to eat, drink, and breathe freely. You can easily extend the life of this horse muzzle by regularly rinsing and air-drying it between uses.

Key Benefits

  • Custom fit: Available in four sizes to accommodate a range of horses, this grazing muzzle easily attaches to their existing halters.
  • Durable construction: Resilient nylon webbing, comfortable padded noseband, and ultra-lightweight aluminum grill ensure lasting durability.
  • Safe and secure: A four-point attachment system on this horse muzzle prevents rotating and keeps it securely in place.
  • Control cribbing: Prevents horses from biting and cribbing without restricting air flow or hindering their ability to eat and drink.
  • Low maintenance: To extend the life of this horse muzzle, simply brush off dirt and debris, hose down, and air dry.

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