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Hoof Boots & Wraps

Hoof Boots

Hoof boots have become increasingly popular over the past few years, especially the Easyboot. Hoof boots are used in place of horseshoes or when an equine needs additional padding to be comfortable on rough surfaces. The Easyboot line has numerous choices, such as the Easyboot Back Country, Easyboot Cloud, Easyboot Glove, Easyboot Trail, Easyboot RX, and Easycare Easyboot Epic. Each Easyboot style has a different type of closure or fits differently making it easy to find the perfect fit. 

Cavallo also sells a range of hoof boot designs, as well as gel pads and studs for horse boots. Today's range of horse boots can serve you whether you are just getting by until a farrier appointment, trail riding, or completing a hundred-mile endurance ride.

Bell Boots or Overreach boots

Bell boots protect the area between the pastern and the heel and are used to prevent overreach injuries. Overreach injuries are caused when the horse's hind foot clips another leg, often during training or while turned out. Horses that overreach may also pull their front horseshoes off, causing damage to the horse's hoof.

Sport Boots, Splint Boots, and Tendon Boots

 Sport boots, also known as sports medicine boots, are lightly padded horse boots that cover the lower leg, from below the knee to the pastern. Sport boots are designed to protect from damage done by the other legs or rough terrain, as well as provide support to the tendons and ligaments. 

Splint boots or brushing boots are usually worn on the front legs and protect the splint bone, which can be bruised or even broken if the horse hits it hard enough. Traditionally made of leather, brushing boots are now often made from neoprene or other man-made materials. 

Tendon boots often cover just the back and sides of the front leg and are meant to protect from the impact of a hind leg. Tendon boots may also be known as open front boots, and are often used while show jumping to enable a horse to feel a jump pole if he hits it. 

Fetlock Boots and Skid Boots

Fetlock Boots, sometimes called ankle boots, are worn as protection from brushing injuries on the hind legs. These boots only cover the fetlock joint and are often used by show jumpers.

Similarly, skid boots are used on the back legs of horses to protect from contact with the ground while the horse is making sharp turns or sliding stops, such as seen in reining and cutting. 

Shipping Boots

Shipping or travel boots are heavily padded boots that may reach above the hock or knee. These boots are designed to provide protection when trailering or otherwise shipping a horse. Some equestrians prefer to use quilted wraps secured by polo wraps for leg protection when traveling. 

Fly Boots

Fly boots are intended to aid in fly control by covering the horse's legs. Fly boots are usually made of a fine mesh and are secured by a hook and loop fastener, such as Velcro.

Polo Wraps

Polo wraps are very versatile, used in nearly every horse sport from horse racing to dressage. The proper use of leg wraps and bandages is an essential skill in horse care and is often taught in beginner lessons or Pony Club before riding is allowed.

Polo wraps may be used to provide protection while shipping, as well as during training. Polo wraps or other bandages are also used to secure poultices and other treatments to the horse's leg.

Tips for Using Horse Leg Protection

Though the different types of horse boots and leg protections differ widely, there are basic rules that apply in all cases. Be sure that the horse's leg is clean and dry before applying a horse boot. Ensure that the boot is the correct size and is on the correct leg.

There are many brands of hoof care and leg protection products, some of the most popular including Back on Track, Professional's Choice, Woof Wear, and Classic Equine. Corro's makes it easy for horse owners to add leg protection to their horse tack with free shipping on orders over fifty dollars and payment plans on qualifying products