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Horse Blankets & Sheets

Finding the Best Horse Blanket

Even the most experienced horse owners may have difficulty choosing the right blanket for their horse; the modern market for horse blankets is filled with thousands of different styles and options. Corro is proud to offer a wide range of horse blankets and we are here to help you find the best one for you and your horse. Today, we're breaking down the essentials of blanketing so that you can find the one that fits your horse best.

Types of Blankets

  • Stable Blankets: When it's time to hunker down in the stall after a long day, a comfy, stable blanket will keep your equine friend warm and comfortable. In most cases, stable blankets are not waterproof, but they do offer protection against cold temperatures.
  • Stable Sheets: Stable sheets are thin and lightweight, designed to keep your horse clean from dirt, dust, and shavings while they are in their stall.
  • Turnout Blankets: Turnout blankets are heavy-duty, insulated, and waterproof, designed to keep your horse protected from the elements while they spend time in the paddock. They are designed to allow a wide range of movement while providing optimal protection. Turnout blankets are usually ideal for exposure to extreme cold.
  • Turnout Sheet: The lighter and thinner version of turnout blankets, turnout sheets are designed to keep your horse's coat clean and provide protection against moderate climates; they are not ideal for extreme hot or cold weather.
  • Fly Sheets: Even the best fly sprays can't provide 100% protection from flies and other pests. Fly sheets are lightweight blankets that can be used to help put a much-needed barrier up against your horse's sensitive skin.

Blanketing Basics

Horse blankets come in various colors, sizes, and weights, designed for the smallest of foals to the largest of shires and other draft horses.

Lightweight blankets and horse sheets are best for warm temperatures, while medium-weight blankets are ideal for fall or spring temperatures. Heavyweight blankets are optimal for extremely cold weather.

Blanket accessories can be used to provide additional comfort or protection, as well; blanket liners can be used as an extra layer of protection between your horse and its blanket. Neck covers can be attached to the horse's blanket near the withers, providing warmth and protection for your horse's neck.

Here at Corro, we're proud to carry a wide range of different styles and brands of horse blankets; we carry the following popular options:

  • Kensington
  • Weatherbeeta
  • Rhino
  • Rambo
  • Amigo
  • Professional's Choice
  • Horseware Ireland

Corro: The Best Online Store for Horse Blankets

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How to Measure for a Horse Blanket?