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Corro Top Rated

Each month, we select 5 horse care products and put them to the test in a side-by-side competition. We select 3 Expert Equestrians, among various disciplines, to rate and review each of the products based on specific criteria. We then post the judges' cards and the winning line up below, to help you find the perfect products for you and your horse! A percentage of the proceeds of the products reviewed will be given to the charities that our experts have chosen to represent. For this month, our experts rated Spot Removers / Spray Shampoos

Top Rated Spot Removers for Horses

Cowboy Magic GreenSpot Remover

  • Scent: 5
  • Effectiveness: 5
  • Post-Use Residue: 4
  • Efficiency: 4
  • Bottle - Ease of Use and Durability: 4
  • Total: 22

E3 Argan Oil Shampoo Waterless Spray

  • Scent: 5
  • Effectiveness: 5
  • Post-Use Residue: 3
  • Efficiency: 5
  • Bottle - Ease of Use and Durability: 4
  • Total: 22

Absorbine ShowSheen Miracle Groom

  • Total: 20

Farnam Vetrolin Green Spot Out Spray-On Dry Clean Shampoo

  • Total: 15

eZall All-Natural Spot Remover

  • Total: 14

Judge Cards

We have posted each of our experts scores and critiques, so you can get all the details about these products and how they stack up to the competition.

Roxanne Trunnell

Area of Expertise: Para Dressage Location: Wellington, Florida Accolades: 2020 Grade I Paralympic Gold Medalist, 2021 and 2020 FEI #1 Ranked Para-Dressage Individual, 2019 National Champion, 2016 Paralympic Games Individual rider USA Paralympic Rider, Roxanne Trunnell, used to be a high level able bodied dressage rider until 2009 when the H1N1 virus struck her down. She suddenly had trouble walking and talking one afternoon, and was admitted into the hospital. There they put her into an induced coma and airlifted her to sacred heart hospital in Spokane, WA on October 31, 2009. The doctor's could never quite pinpoint what had happened but the closest they could come was that she got H1N1, which turned into encephalitis. Then (as if that wasn't' enough) her brain swelled and a tiny blood clot dislodged itself from her leg and went to her brain where it rearranged her "computer and navigation system". She then got the diagnosis of Cerebellum Ataxia & classified as a Grade I Para-Equestrian. Roxie is currently ranked as number 1 in the world. She’s successfully competed at two World Equestrian Games as a USA Team Rider (2014 WEG in Normandy, France; 2018 WEG in Tryon, North Carolina). She received the Bronze medal during the freestyle portion of the 2018 WEG. Roxie also competed at the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil as a USA Individual rider, and is the 2019 National Champion. She currently trains at Woodard Dressage in Wellington, FL with Andrea Woodard on Karin Flint's Dolton, a 7-year-old Hanoverian gelding.

Alexandra Dannenmann

Area of Expertise: Icelandic Horses Location: North Fort Myers, FL Accolades: IPZV Trainer B level, FEIF International Judge, 2017 FEIF Trainer/Instructor of the Year, Trainer at Lettleiki Icelandics and Florida Ice Horse Farm Alex began her career with Icelandic horses in 1997 in her birth country of Germany. Before she moved with her family to the United States she competed with many different horses at various levels and achieved wins and placings at high-level competitions in Germany and France. She competed and placed at the highest levels in Five Gait and Four Gait, including participation in the German Championships. Having attained the IPZV Trainer B level in 2012, Alex moved on to accomplish her dream of becoming an International FEIF Judge. One of her greatest accomplishments was her success in the FEIF International Judges test in 2015, which she needed to pass in order to become a US National Judge. She achieved the highest score of all the candidates including highly experienced judges taking the test on the international judge level. It was an even greater accomplishment to pass the same test again in 2016 in Iceland for the international license. She was one of 3 people out of 30 who passed the test. Becoming an International FEIF Judge in such a short period of time has never happened before. In 2017, Alex was nominated for the FEIF award of “Trainer/Instructor of the Year.” Despite strong competition from other countries, she won the award. Alex currently judges competitions and teaches clinics in the United States, Canada and Europe. She currently trains at several Icelandic farms, including Lettleiki Icelandics and Florida Ice Horse Farm. To contact either of these farms, or to reach her, go to or

Wiebe Dragstra

Area of Expertise: Pleasure and Combined Driving Location: Southern Pines, North Carolina Accolades: 2018 WEG Qualified, 2017 ADS Intermediate Four In Hand Champion, and Multiple American Intermediate Pair Champion, Trainer at Dragstra Stables Wiebe and Amy Dragstra have owned and operated Dragstra Stables at Blue Valley Farm, Southern Pines, North Carolina, since 1995. Wiebe’s driving experience began many years ago on his family’s Friesian breeding farm in the Netherlands. In 1979 – 1980 Wiebe completed an internship in England at Hurstwood Hackney Stud Farm, working with Frank and Cynthia Hayden’s Hackneys. At Hurstwood, Wiebe competed in Pleasure Driving and Combined Driving competitions (through international levels). Wiebe then spent ten years working at the Royal Stables in the Netherlands. While there Wiebe went to Dillenburg, Germany several times to perfect his Achenbach driving skills. In 1990 Wiebe moved to the United States where he campaigned a Haflinger four-in-hand for Tudor Oaks Farm in Illinois. In his time in the states, he has accomplished many accolades, some of the top including 2018 WEG Qualified, 2017 ADS Intermediate Four In Hand Champions, and Multiple American Intermediate Pair Champions. The Dragstra’s focus on training young horses and ponies to ride and drive. They also specialize in preparing Friesian horses for the annual inspection, the KFPS Keuring, preparing and fitting up horses to show at peak condition. Dragstra Stables is a full-service boarding and training facility, welcoming layups and horses needing rehabilitation. They also have horses for sale including Friesians, Arabo Friesians, Dutch Warmbloods, and Dutch Harness Horses. The Dragstra family believes horses teach us empathy, compassion, and respect. Horses encourage us to be fit, active, and healthy. To check out Dragstra stables and contact Wiebe or Amy, go to

Expert Tip:

Spot Removers / Spray Shampoos are the perfect solution to keeping your horse clean during the winter months without having to get them wet for a full bath. They also work great for quick touch-ups right before entering a competition!

Expert Charity Choices

Each of our experts has selected their favorite charity to represent. A percentage of the proceeds of these spray shampoos will go to each charity, and you can also donate directly to them at checkout!! Click on each charity logo to learn more about them.

Wheatland Farm Equestrian Center - Roxanne Trunnell

Irish tenor Mark Forrest and his wife, Muriel, began the Faith & Family Foundation, a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization in 1999. Providing excellent quality and much-needed services in a warm, loving, family-centered environment is what Mark and Muriel Forrest work to do every day at their Wheatland Farm in Purcellville, Virginia. Wheatland Farm is a USEF / USPEA Para-dressage Center of Excellence -- just the fourth such center to have been so named nationwide. Wheatland is also a fully inclusive traditional English riding program; provides adaptive and traditional aquatics, a wheelchair lending program and fun outdoor activities. All programs are designed to include siblings and typically developing children in an all-inclusive environment, and are provided by The Faith & Family Foundation at Wheatland Farm throughout the year.

Past Top Rated

Corro Top Rated: Spray Shampoo Spot Removers

Sometimes, washing your horse's coat with horse shampoo and rinsing with water just isn't possible or practical. But that doesn't mean you have to settle for stains. Waterless shampoos and stain removers that come in a spray bottle offer an easy out for a quick clean whenever you need. Learn more about these no-rinse shampoo options and checkout the best shampoo spray brands featured in this edition of Corro Top Rated.

Uses For Horse Stain Removers and Dry Shampoos

Many horse owners turn to spray shampoos and spot removers when cold weather makes bathing their horse in the winter impossible. Green spot removers specialize in removing manure stains from white markings and are especially valuable for a grey horse who refuses to stay clean. Some even include optical brighteners to brighten whites.

These horse care staples are often used with detangler spray to achieve a finished look in a short amount of time. In addition, the moisturizing effects of popular ingredients like tea tree oil or fractionated coconut oil also help promote hair growth and condition the coat, mane, and tail in dry conditions.

Best Waterless Shampoos For Horses Review

A good waterless shampoo is one of the top equestrian sport horse essentials for keeping your horse's coat healthy and well-groomed. Here's more about our Corro Top Rated judge's favorite spray shampoos and spot removers.

Cowboy Magic Greenspot Remover

This stain remover spray was our judge's top pick for tackling urine, manure, and sweat build-up. The formula instantly and efficiently removes stains while soothing irritations with silk and panthenol to condition your horse's skin.

E3 Argan Oil Shampoo Waterless Spray

This waterless shampoo is tied for the top spot thanks to its suitability for between bath touch-ups and natural argan oil repair effects. The formula also contains vitamin E and other vitamins to maintain a healthy luster and luxurious feel to your horse's hair.

Absorbine ShowSheen Miracle Groom

ShowSheen Miracle Groom is a convenient and effective formula for deodorizing while removing dirt, dust, and stains. This spray shampoo doesn't require water and can be applied with a brush or towel.

Farnam Vetrolin Green Spot Out Dry Clean Shampoo

This dry shampoo is ideal for keeping horses with light coats shiny, moisturized, and stain-free. In addition to removing urine and manure stains without water, this formula also brushes dry for a high-gloss shine.

eZall All-Natural Spot Remover

This plant-based spot remover is an excellent choice for environmentally-minded horse owners with horses prone to skin problems. The gentle formula removes stains without irritating sensitive areas or causing itchiness.

Keep Your Horse Clean Year-Round With Waterless Shampoo

When the temperature is too cold for a bubble bath, equine waterless shampoo can be a lifesaver. Add a high-quality spray shampoo and spot remover to your daily routine to ensure your horse will look his best for every ride, and check out Corro for all of your horse grooming and bathing essentials.