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Corro Top Rated

Each month, we select 5 horse care products and put them to the test in a side-by-side competition. We select 3 Expert Equestrians, among various disciplines, to rate and review each of the products based on specific criteria. We then post the judges' cards and the winning line up below, to help you find the perfect products for you and your horse! A percentage of the proceeds of the products reviewed will be given to the charities that our experts have chosen to represent.

Top Rated Oil-based Fly Sprays for Horses

Pyranha Wipe n' Spray

  • Scent: 5
  • Effectiveness: 5
  • Post-Use Residue: 4
  • Efficiency: 5
  • Bottle - Ease of Use and Durability: 4
  • Total: 23

Equicare Flysect Super-7 Repellent Spray

  • Scent: 5
  • Effectiveness: 4
  • Post-Use Residue: 5
  • Efficiency: 4
  • Bottle - Ease of Use and Durability: 4
  • Total: 22

Absorbine UltraShield EX Insecticide & Repellent

  • Total: 19

Equicare Flysect Citronella Spray with Lanolin

  • Total: 16

Farnam Bronco Gold Equine Fly Spray

  • Total: 15

Judge Cards

We have posted each of our experts scores and critiques, so you can get all the details about these products and how they stack up to the competition.

Josh Shino

Area of Expertise: Arabian Horses -- All Disciplines Location: Scottsdale, Arizona Accolades: 19x National Champion, 2018 APAHA Professional English Trainer Award, 4x APAHA Youth Winner Josh Shino is part of the third generation of the McDonald family, which has been a major supporter and follower of the Arabian horse. Josh grew up riding and learning from his mom, Carolyn McDonald, and showed all throughout his youth career in many disciplines. Josh is a 19 Time National Champion, winning in many different Arabian divisions including Park, Country English Pleasure, Hunter Pleasure, Western Pleasure, Reining, Equitation, and more. He was the 2018 APAHA Professional English trainer winner, and was a 4 time APAHA Youth Winner. After graduating high school, Josh knew that he wanted his life to be surrounded by horses, so he took a job at Stachowski Farm in San Marcos, California. Josh worked at the farm in California for about two years and then transitioned into the Stachowski Farms Mantua, Ohio location. Josh spent another two years in Ohio, teaching amateurs and training and showing on the National level. As Josh was working at the farm in Ohio he garnered both US National Championships and Reserve Championships. After 4 years, he decided to move back home to Scottsdale, Arizona, and started his own business, Shino Training Center. They now specialize in training youth and amateur riders, starting young horses, and training and showing on the National level. You can check them out and contact Josh at Want to learn more about Josh? Check out our Corro Stories article: From Youth Rider to Professional Trainer - How Josh Shino Became One To Watch In the Arabian World

Wendy Bauwens

Area of Expertise: Fjord Horses -- Driving, Therapy Location: Clyde Park, Montana Accolades: Nationally known Breeder of Norwegian Fjord Horses, Therapy Program Trainer at Sunnyside Farms For decades, Wendy Bauwens has been using Fjords for the purpose of assisting children, youth, and adults with special needs. She was raised in the Treasure Valley of southern Idaho where, as a child, Wendy grew to know and appreciate the gift of a good horse. Her parents were both educators and her father spent his summers working at the local racetrack; Wendy was often found there, by his side. Wendy attended college at the University of California, Santa Cruz where she studied Molecular Biology. She then spent ten years on Kodiak Island, Alaska commercial fishing, and later designed, built, and developed an equestrian facility to benefit the depleted horse-centered community. The facility offered equine-assisted therapy to children and adults with special needs. Year after year, Wendy would travel to the lower 48 states to replenish the Alaskan equine facility with suitable Fjord Horses to meet the community’s needs. Her desire to return to the Rockies brought Wendy to Paradise Valley and then to Clyde Park, Montana where she has been the sole proprietor of Sunnyside Farms ever since. Over time, Sunnyside Farms has become nationally known for producing superior Norwegian Fjord Horses that exude a spirit of patience, kindness, and confidence. By pairing her science-centered mind with excellent horsemanship skills, Wendy Bauwens’ expertise in the production of grey dun Fjord Horses suitable for therapy, has garnered great respect. It is now recognized that, in the Fjord Horse, this rare and recessive grey color tends to be genetically paired with an extremely docile temperament. Wendy Bauwens’ life is all about the Fjord. She is the living, breathing ambassador for all that is the Norwegian Fjord Horse. Wendy is the founder of Sunnyside Farms and has been working with, breeding, using, training, promoting, and living by this special breed since 1990. Her current mission is to preserve, protect and promote the Norwegian Fjord in order to ensure its future as a therapy horse. You can contact Wendy and plan a visit to Sunnyside at

Jared Sheldon

Area of Expertise: Polo Location: Indio, CA Accolades: 20 goal America’s Cup, Silver Cup, and North American Cup Outdoor handicap: 4 Arena handicap: 7 Jared Sheldon is a 3rd generation polo player after his father and grandfather, born in Poway, CA. He started playing polo with adults at the age of 7 and has not looked back since. His accomplishments have come at every level from Interscholastic and Intercollegiate National Tournaments to representing the USA in the Federation of International Polo’s World Cup. He has won the 20 goal America’s Cup, Silver Cup, and North American Cup at clubs in Palm Beach, FL and Santa Barbara, CA but calls the polo fields in Indio, Ca home. For over a decade Sheldon has competed and won at each level offered between the Eldorado and Empire polo clubs there. Besides playing in Florida and California, Sheldon also competes in New York, Texas, Colorado and Wyoming. He has successfully represented the USA in international tournaments in India, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Australia, and Florida. Horses from his string of between 15 to 20 polo ponies have received numerous Best Playing Pony awards, and those are his most treasured accolades. Off the field, Sheldon teaches polo clinics and lessons at polo clubs and schools across the country, including the University of Virginia, and Garrison Forest. In 2019 he coached the Under-18 USA Jr team to victory against the English in the Westchester Cup. Jared met his wife Dani playing collegiate polo and they are the proud parents of their own two Jr. polo players (Charles and Catalina). Jared is very passionate and active in teaching and coaching junior polo programs throughout his travels. You can contact Jared through email at or follow him on instagram @hattrickpolo Want to learn more about Jared and polo? Check out our Corro Stories article: What It Takes to Be a Professional Polo Player with Jared Sheldon

Expert Tip:

Make sure to always brush-on or rub-in fly sprays when you use them. They will work better, and last longer, than if you simply just mist your horse.

Expert Charity Choices

Each of our experts have selected their favorite charity to represent. A percentage of the proceeds of these fly sprays will go to each charity, and you can also donate directly to them at checkout!! Click on each charity logo to learn more about them.

Arabian Horseman's Distress Fund - Josh Shino

The Arabian Horsemen’s Distress Fund was established in January of 2005 as the Arabian horsemen’s community rose to help one of their own, Northwestern Arabian horse trainer Ron Copple. Ron was diagnosed in the fall of 2004 with Stage 4 Hodgkins Lymphoma, and while his insurance coverage was excellent, the rigors of aggressive treatment along with the short-fall of their insurance to cover all the extenuating expenses left a void. Horsemen from around the country combined efforts, and as the fund began helping the Copples and several other community members during 2005. Today, Ron has achieved a full recovery and has subsequently become the father of a wonderful daughter, as well as one of the Fund’s most notable spokesmen, and The AHDF has gone on to help a myriad of Arabian community members during times of unexpected crisis. From unimaginable barn fires, to catastrophic accidents, to health crisis that impaired ability to meet expenses and care for family members and animals, the fund has become a vehicle that is up and ready to respond immediately when unexpected calamity strikes. Governed by a board of five industry-involved horse people, the fund’s guildelines are configured so as to award the board the maximum ability to respond to a variety of circumstances. Application for assistance is eligible to any current member of the Arabian Horse Association in good standing, and all applications are kept confidential unless an individual releases the board to outreach to the community on their behalf. As of November, 2010, the fund has disbursed over $350,000 to individuals throughout the Arabian horse community, and virtually all of the money donated is earmarked to directly help our community horsemen during times of crisis.

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